Change your name in PUBG Mobile

Last updated on August 26th, 2020 at 01:14 pm

Game enthusiasts are diving into PUBG mobile, as one of the most famous battle style game. It is the best cross-over from PC to mobile. Nowadays, many organizations are developing games only for Smartphone. When they realized that users have positive response and become addictive of their product, they launched its new features which are paid. Those who have smart phones with fewer specifications can use their lite versions.

In today’s era, nobody wants to reveal its original name during playing game. PUBG mobile only allows renaming your card once a day. Therefore, following are some instructions through which you can change your name:

  • From the main menu, go to home screen.
  • At the bottom, select inventory from menu.
  • Click create icon on the right-side.
  • Click on tap rename-card (if exists) and then press use.
  • Enter new name and then click ok. Name can be changed only once in a day.

How to get rename cards:

Well, there will be some rename cards in your account. They are given you as a reward when you level up and some are given on implementing first feature. For those who are not lucky to have these free cards, will earn a small amount of UC by achieving the ranks of the Royale Pass each season.

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