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Before going in details with The game Cricket 19, I want to give a brief description about the game Cricket itself,
Cricket is a game of two teams where both team consist of 11 players and there is umpires in form of referees in this game
Teams either have to ball or bat where one team will do the bowling and the other one would do the batting.
The team which scores the win.
Game is pretty simple and fun to watch and play too!

Cricket 19

This game is one of the most popular sports game especially when it comes to cricket there isn’t much competition for it so you can guess, It’s a pretty good game!
It is available on almost all the platform just name it and it’s available there.
Game is really optimized and doesn’t lags while playing and the developers keeps on adding new stuff to it which makes the game even more alive and the sense of active games makes it even more enjoyable to play!
Cricket 19 was developed by Big ant studio in collaboration with Maximum games!
This is one of the most selling game by Big ant studio so, You can guess it’s really popular too!
Game follows simple mechanism of cricket which we already discussed in this Blog


This is the section of this blog where we talk and discuss about the game’s most asked questions, we also add our opinions in this so, Please don’t get offended if we say anything wrong in this!

Can I download Cricket 19 on android?

Yes, you can download cricket 19 on android too!
It have the same experience and fun as the others but the difference is that you can take your android anywhere and play this game in it anywhere too!
In short mobility! 

Does Cricket 19 have IPL?

Yes, You can play IPL on cricket 19 too!
IPL stands for Indian premier league and is one of the most popular cricket tournament all around the world!
It have a really really fanbase all across the world, players from different country’s participate in it and the winner gets a lot of prizes and rewards!

Is this game worth buying?

totally! This game totally worth the money if you looking for a good cricket or sports game, It’s mechanism the way the game works, It’s graphic, story mode, game modes are so fun to play!
The fact that the developers are still updating the game on regular basis makes it even more fun to play and we differently recommend it!


This game overall is good and one of the best in its own kind, The developing companies have made it so good and by keeping the game updated they made it even more good!
This game might help you understand cricket more, also it’s good to learn tricks and tips about bowling or batting. 
It might help you understand how cricket works with it’s realistic graphics and physics
We definitely suggest you to try it at-least once if you are trying to play a sports/cricket game!

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