CS:GO : How to earn Cryptocurrency by playing CS:GO [ 2021 ]

How to earn cryptocurrency by playing CS:GO
Cyptocurrency with csgo logo

Want to earn money/cryptocurrency while playing games? It’s going to become a relatity and you are gonna know how and when after the end of this blog so, Stay tuned and keep reading to know how?!

What is Cryptocurrency?


  • Cyrptocurrency is also known as crypto
  • It’s a Digital currency
  • It’s more secure than any other form of trasactions
  • It’s in really high demand


What is CS:GO?

Launched on 21 August 2012, CS:GO is a FPS game. It is owned by Valve and is really really popular game, This game is this popular that even after 8 years this game still host events with huge prizepools and also Many esports company are still in it which makes it even more enjoyable.

How to earn cryptocurrency by playing CS:GO?

We all been waiting for this so, Here it is How to earn cryptocurrency by CS:GO
The short answer to this will be BUFF yes, it’s just BUFF!
I know what are you thinking now, What is buff? we will get into this in detail in this blog, No need to worry.

What’s BUFF?

Buff is a movement that is taken by the cryptocurrency and blockchain community towards the billion dollars gaming Industry!

Now the real question is how you can earn money with buff?

So, Buff is the platform which will give you crypto according to the time that you give to the game, In simple word the more you play the game the more you will earn from it!

It’s free money and anyone can fetch it,only if they are pretty passionate about it.

so, what are you waiting for? Go ahead to buff’s official website which we gave on this Blog

What profit will buff get from it?

Buff have pretty simple market structure, The more people they will get for themselves the easier it would be for them to giveaway crypto altho they are going to take a small portion of crypto for themselves their main focus is on their customer at least for now that makes it even more better to at least try them out!

Is it legit?

This is completely legit as buff itself is a collab between blockchain and crypto community it is decided by a collab decision of both parties!
And it is free to try so, why not just give it a go?



As you can see how easy it is to earn money nowadays, you just need to spend some time online searching for everything, we are wishing you a very good luck and great success!

Stay safe, Stay healthy and keep grinding!
– Team Game-cofig



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