Cuphead – Tricks to defeat Final Boss (Devil)

Last updated on August 26th, 2020 at 01:14 pm

This article will discuss about the ways to beat the Devil (Final Boss). It comprises of headings such as tips before fighting and various phases to conquer the devil.

Tips before fighting:

Before facing the Devil, make sure you have enough weapons to conquer him. P.sugar, heart or twin heart charm is recommended. You should have spread weapon in final 3 phases to only hit the eyes of the devil. Finally, you should have second super art in final phase, if you stuck at avoiding poker chips.

Phase one:

It must admit that phase one is the challenging phase of this battle. But with the appropriate charms and shots, you can make it easy for you. In this phase devil has various attacks. If you want to survive in a devil’s snake attack, go to the edge of the screen where demon will be running.

To handle goat attack, use an ex attack as it will help you to survive in the air for a while. You cannot use duck under this attack, as this feature has removed.

In spider attack, when you see the head coming down, try to hit his head as much as you can. Besides animal attacks, devil also uses his staff which can be resulted in 3 different attacks.Circle of fire is considered to be the final staff attack. To survive in this attack, go to the edge of the screen and jump over the each fire ball as they come.

These are attacks which will devil frequently use. At the end, you will see his mouth open forcing an angry smile. When it happens, stay away from the centre of the screen. Otherwise, he will land on you.  After it had happened, a hole will appear that leads to the final 3 phases.

Phase two:

The only trick to survive in this phase is to attack on devil’s eyes. It is only possible when you have spread weapon and standing in the middle. In this phase, the devil will have fewer attacks.

One attack can be an axe one, in which an axe goes in loops around the screen. T handle it, run to the platform on the far left or right and when the axe has completed one loop, go into the platform so will not get hit by next loop.

In second attack, he will through a pink bomb that will create massive explosion. Counter it as soon as it comes. Try to run away from the bomb if you failed to parry it after it has released.

Phase three:

In this phase the devil will remove the both left and right platforms by placing two purple creatures. Try to kill these purple creatures to focus on main threat, the dread blue birds.

These creatures will come down as a spinning blade. When single comes down, the only trick is to duck. If it comes back, kill them. In this phase, you also have to avoid poker chips coming to you.

Final Phase:

You will be in centre platform only now, and the devil will start to cry. Use only spread weapon. When poker chips coming, fire on them to kill.  You do not have to be worried about its tears or chips; he’ll be finished in really short span.

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