DayZ – Beginner’s Guide

DayZ is a survival video game developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. DayZ Beginner’s Guide, the only successor of the mod of the same name. First, it released in 2018 for just Windows but for now it can be played on platforms such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 . This article is for beginners who have just installed the game.


DayZ tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Do not Trust Blindly on Anyone:

The first tip is not to trust anyone. Anyone means any body who is currently playing with you or have been playing with you for years.  Everyone in this game will back-stab you to win the game. No matter how much good friend he or she is, but you will definitely be killed by them. You can leave the tip of you want to die constantly.

Use external Maps and Remember those Maps:

Here is only a Pro-Tip, that only use external Maps like

Carry Backpack:

Unfortunately, If you get killed by someone, So carry all your pants and tops in backpack. This backpack will help you to save your things and will not get ruined.

Do not loot without Plan:

If you will shoot someone, he will have friends around him. So, if you will go straight for the loot, you could be in a bit trouble. There is a chance that you will be killed by his teammates.

Do not Carry too much Food:

It is definite that you have less stamina and you will have to carry food with you at high amounts. Only Eat food when you feel hunger.

Do not Always Wear Backpack:

If you are in a character of thief, you will not need a backpack at all. You need en essential things like bullets, guns and grenades. And these things do not require a big bag.

Keeping the Busy Areas in Mind:

You should know the famous and posh areas like NWAF, Berezino, Kamyshovo and Cherno. In my experience, last two places are not as famous as others are.


The best item in this game is Tape. If you are GOD-Gifted with Tape, you can fix everything from Helmets, Guns and Clothes. It is durable, but when this tape is over, you can just tie your hands and then breakout, getting a brand new Tape.

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