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Last updated on June 28th, 2022 at 12:20 am

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About DayZ


DAYZ is Hardcore. Brutal and no hand holding game it’s a survival game that was developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. After the long wait of 5 years of early access of this game for windows, It was finally released on December 2018!
The game spawns players at a map called  fictional post-Soviet Republic of CHERNAUS, The story follows that a mysterious plague had happened which caused almost half of the population to disappear, this plague caused many people to be left infected which are also real time players and can affect you too in game.
The only main goal of this game is to stay alive and survive at all conditions and situations which turns out to be really hard sometimes and frustrating at the same time but this frustration is actually satisfying once you complete that mission.

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This game doesn’t have any tutorial so the players have to do and learn everything on it’s own that’s why many new comers find it really hard to play and the game have really really high realistic things in it like the servers in it shows the real time daytime or nighttime which means if it’s night for you and the server you are playing in is also from your time-zone then it will be night in the game too, and for new comers we will definitely suggest not to join the game while it’s dark cause that’s the time when most accidents happens.

Apart from the time-zone DAYZ is really hard to play in general but it’s really satisfying once you complete it, you have many things to do in it and one of the most important thing is finding players to play with and trust me, It’s really really addictive when you play this game with your friends and family!
When you get hits from other player or zombie, there is a high chance that you will bleed and to stop the bleeding you will need to have bandages and for bandages you will need to find them yourself, If you don’t band-aid yourself fast enough then there is a high chance that you might pass-out and you don’t wanna let that happen.

It’s because once you die you restart everything from beginning without any supply or anything you lose all your progress and achievements so If you are passed out of shortage of blood you will need to have a friend that could donate you some blood!

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Sounds fun right? This game is actually really fun and I would definitely recommend you to play this we are sure that you will love it, if that’s the case then make sure to tell us in the comment section below.
Al-though DAYZ publishing company have stopped sending update for this game but the classic game still is fun and the community of DAYZ is still active which makes the game stay alive still to this day!


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