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I’ve made a list of the survivor’s perks in DBD. Ok, I hope you enjoy my guide.
Please note that this is a descriptive reference. I will expand on my options for the top 2 levels

(only S and A level benefits have been ordered in terms of efficiency).
And also offer a brief description of the perks in the lower tiers when I think it’s right. Besides those, I also recommend that you remain absolutely away from the D-tier.
With all that out of the way, let’s get going.

List of Tiers


The S Tier Perks

All the exhaustion advantages are here, what a surprise?
They ‘re basically the best perks in the game. Their key aim is to send you a fast burst of pace (with the exception of dead hard). In desperate situations within chases.
This makes for a whole range of new choices when looping
(the primary objective of exhaustion). Also note that all Sprint bursts, Lithe and Balanced landings give the same speed for the same duration.


Balance Landing

The all-in-all top choice is the capacity to create infinitely and get away from the killer in the most unwinnable situation: fall down.
When you have a “truly astonishing” timer when you parachute from a high position and the killer doesn’t, you can quickly catch up with a smooth landing that almost totally negates.
So not only are you not being hit where you’re meant to be because of a stun, you ‘re still having a speed blast that makes you sprint to another floor.


A blast of energy that occurs on your own will (building a pallet or a window).
It can be used to finish the chase, escape to another floor, save the pallet of a significant floor, or eliminate the chance of being struck by fleeing from the dangerous circle.

Sprint burst

The easiest exhaustion perk. As soon as you push the “run” button (default link set to shift), you get the pace to burst, so what makes the sprint burst worse than the past two? As stated above, it can not be retained for the most part until the right time of use.
And if you did, it’s a blast of energy that you can use anytime you choose, at the cost of waiting 39 seconds to start up. In fact, as you start it up, you have to keep going.

Dead hard

You don’t get a blast of energy with this perk. Instead, you ‘re moving ahead for a small-time then being invulnerable by the conclusion of the dashing animation.
I found the pace burst more accurate and secure, as compared to this, even if dead hard might save you in circumstances that some couldn’t, however they should be spared
by utilizing the other.


It is a rare one. Because of the normal sprint that is given to you
(150 percent acceleration speed for 3 seconds), Adrenaline gives you a minimum of 5 seconds and cures you with one health problem.
The catch is that this advantage can only be triggered after all generators have stopped.


The A Tier Perks

Decisive strike

Enables you to stun the killer for 5 seconds after he’s picked it up from the ground within 60 seconds after he’s unhooked (could only be used as adrenaline once).
It’s a really good advantage that I highly suggest using, but the only cause for a decisive strike not to be higher is that you may not be able to use the perk at all if the killer sluggish you, as this totally invalidates the perk that isn’t completely reliable.


When the killer takes some action in the “breaking” area, you see their presence for 5 seconds.
That ensures that you have a continuous view of them that can be used to conceive a tile killer or even to see how close they are to you.

object of obsession

Once you’re out of the killer’s horror range and look at their trajectory, you and the killer see each other’s aura.
That ability may be best used than alert with good planning, but it doesn’t benefit you within chases at all that makes warning a better option.

Borrowed time

If you untangle someone when in the killer’s horror range, the unstrapped person can receive the “endurance” state benefit for 15 seconds, which ensures that they won’t be put in a dying situation when attacked, then they’ll be put in a severe wound situation that they can get out of.
This advantage can tilt the balance of the entire game, but there’s always a chance that you won’t use this advantage at all.

Spin chill

This perk can do wide variety of things, and it’s really customizable. 
because of this, this Pain Reliever video will do more justice to it.


You can heal quicker from death and pick up only once. However,

a faster recovery rate will still last.
Feature users will also heal 99 percent without using unbreakable to get up, allowing survivors to waste less time before they can use unbreakable again.

The Notable Perks that Aren’t Top Tier


windows of opportunity

This advantage is only in the category thanks to how greatly it benefits novice players.
It will help them locate pallets/windows better and not place themselves in poor spots.

dance with me

Paired with lithe, the killer will absolutely miss you because he doesn’t know where you’re heading in the vault, which also prevents valuable tiles and lets the killer waste time attempting to locate you or someone else.

Iron will

Grunting sounds are no longer detectable by the killer, wonderful.
This makes it easier for jukes that the killer needs to determine which way you are going from the sounds the character makes.

We’re gonna live forever

Extra blood points, everybody enjoys that.

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