How to Download Minecraft on Chromebook? Easy Guide

How to Download Minecraft on Chromebook?

Download Minecraft on Chromebook

Chromebooks do not presently support the usage of Minecraft. On a Chromebook, Minecraft won’t work with the default configuration. As a result, only Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems are listed as being compatible with Minecraft in their system requirements.


Complete Guide

How to Download Minecraft on Chromebook?

If you own the full Android version of Minecraft from the Play Store, there are various workarounds that will let you play if you don’t have an Office 365 EDU subscription.

Download Minecraft on Chromebook

This entails setting up Flatpak on your Chromebook using Linux and executing software that serves as a sort of intermediary between Linux and the Minecraft Android APK. It’s a little hacky, doesn’t run well, and Mojang doesn’t formally endorse it. If you’d rather utilize the Android version of Minecraft, it still functions.

Installing the Java Edition of Minecraft on a Chromebook

Download Minecraft on Chromebook
You’ll need a Chromebook that works with Linux apps first and foremost. The Developers tab in the settings menu on your Chromebook is where you’ll find the Linux setting. It will be located just above “About Chrome OS” under the Advanced tab.

Because Majong provides an official Linux version of the game designed exclusively for Debian and Ubuntu Linux, installing Minecraft on Chrome OS is rather simple. Unexpectedly, Debian is the version of Linux that is supported on Chromebooks.

Google hasn’t yet added a pointer lock to the Linux environment for whatever reason. As a result, you must enable it by setting the pointer lock flag. If not, you won’t be able to rotate 360 degrees while playing the game. Annoying. While we’re on the Chrome flags page, you can also confirm that GPU acceleration is turned on.

Download Minecraft on Chromebook

Search “pointer lock” at chrome:/flags to get started. Look for a flag with the label “#exo-pointer-lock.” Activate it, then look for GPU. Locate the GPU acceleration flag, then turn it on. You are now ready to go. You ought to be able to launch Minecraft and play for as long as you like. Enjoy!


The Minecraft website claims that installing this version only requires one click. Not a fuss. Unfortunately, the Linux running on Chrome OS has a little more to it. But don’t worry. It simply requires a few more steps, and you can start creating right away.

We must first install a few requirements that are lacking from the Linux system before we can install Minecraft. The two instructions below will be pasted into our Terminal program, which we will open using the Chrome OS app launcher.

sudo apt-get install default-jdk

sudo apt-get install libsecret-1-0 -y

After the installation is finished, we may install Minecraft. Start your Linux terminal and type the following command to install Minecraft. deb file that we downloaded. If everything goes according to plan, the Minecraft launcher should appear and start the installation process.

Your app drawer ought to now have the “Minecraft Launcher” app. Wait for the game to load when you double-click it. When you attempt to log in, a second popup will appear. It is hit or miss if it will display, as I have observed.

Simply click the icon to minimize it, and then click it once more to bring up the login screen. After that, you may log in using your Majong or Microsoft account. The process of installing Minecraft on your Chromebook is complete, but there are still a few steps to do before you can begin playing.







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