How to Dye Armor in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Dye Armor in Minecraft?

dye armor in minecraft

Want to replace the dull default colour of your leather armour with something nicer? How to colour armour in Minecraft is shown here.

Even while leather armour in Minecraft isn’t the most durable, it looks the best because it can be dyed up to 12.3 million different colours.

You may design a whole set of armour that matches, a rainbow costume that is mismatched, a gradient pattern, or whatever else you believe looks good on you.

The process for dying your armour may vary depending on whether you are using Java Edition or Bedrock Edition of the game, but this article will cover both versions’ procedures.

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How to Dye Armor in Minecraft: Jave Edition

dye armor in minecraft
It is quite simple to dye leather armour in Java Edition because the process is the same as for dyeing any other dyable object, including candles, beds, or glass.

Simply bring the armour you want to dye to a crafting table and add your preferred dye to it. There is no cap on the number of dye colours that may be added to an armour piece to blend colours.

The armour piece can accommodate up to eight colours on the crafting table, but you may add more after putting the coloured armour back on the table.


You may add the dyes to the crafting table and check the output slot to see a preview of the armour if you want to play around with colour blending. If you don’t like the way it appears, don’t click on the output slot; instead, keep arranging your dyes until you do.

You may undye your armour if you ever change your mind about the hue and want to try something different without building a completely new set or throwing your old one away.


Place a cauldron down and fill it with water to do this by interacting with it while carrying a bucket of water. Interact with the cauldron while holding the armour that you want to redye in your hand. All of the colours will be removed by doing this, but you won’t get your dyes back.


How to Dye Armor in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft

dye armor in minecraft

As you cannot just apply dyes to the armour in a crafting table, dying armour in Bedrock Edition requires a little more effort than it does in Java.

Instead, you’ll need to dye some water in a cauldron and then submerge your armour in it. This is more effective because you may colour up to three pieces of armour using a single dye item. As you cannot “preview” the colour as you can in Java, it is also a little bit riskier. You cannot remove a dye after adding it.

Place a cauldron down and interact with it while carrying a bucket of water to do this. The cauldron will then be filled. You may now interact with the cauldron to colour the water by holding a dye in your hand.

To combine an increasing number of colours, repeat this process several times. Hold the armour you want to dye in your hand after you’ve found a shade you like, then interact with the pot once more.


In addition to dying the armour, doing this lowers the cauldron’s water level by a third. Even while you will need to add fresh water and colour it once more after dying two more pieces of armour, this method still considerably uses less dye than the Java version.

However, in this variation, un-dying remains the same. Holding your coloured armour, interact with the uncoloured water in the cauldron. This will make the colour disappear.



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