Easily Bankrupt the Casino Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

How to make loads of casino coins effortlessly In Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest


The overall process is very straightforward and can be rounded up in a couple of steps:


– Save Your Game:

while the chances of making tokens are to your advantage … You know,
better safe than sorry.


– Purchase a lot of tokens:

You will do so straight at the casino.
I began with 900, giving off almost all of my gold.
You’re not supposed to buy too few tokens as the minimum bet to actually win

it is 30 tokens per SPIN.
That’s because buying so you trigger all the lines of the slot machine.
You will bet the full sum (90 per spin) if you have more tokens and want to get quicker.


– Only use the five-column slot machine:

Else, you ‘re just going to waste your money.
The three columns and the card game was a massive waste of time.


– Don’t panic if Your losing:

because you’ll be losing! You’ll only start earning when you are in metal mode.
The metal mode is a special mode that doubles all your earnings and (for what I experienced) also increases the number of times you get tokens.


– Remember to save occasionally:

It seems like the odds of hitting the metal mode are dwindling after receiving 20,000 tokens. It is awful, because not only are you going to get tokens later, but there’s always

a chance of losing them.
To conquer this, you’re just going to have to leave and then go back to the room

to make an auto-save!

That should be it! That’s how I got all the casino items in just around 40 minutes.
I started with 900 tokens and I was 68k+ after 30 minutes. I won the jackpot after 40 minutes.



Was the process to exhausting? Well, Keep Reading!

Two characters smiling

The method of collecting enough tokens to get all the things is a long one. And it’s dull. Luckily, we can automate it with a little program: an auto clicker.

Autoclicker Download Link

Only download it and put 500 milliseconds list. That way, the system would make a move every half a second with the mouse, continuously rotating the slot machine as you do other things.

that’s all for this article.

Now, If I were any of You, I’d go off right now opening up Dragon Quest and get that Casino bankrupt immediately.


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