How to Eat in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Eat in Minecraft?


In order to maintain your health and recoup points on the hunger meter, one of the most important things to remember in Minecraft is to eat. We’ll teach you how to accomplish this in the guide below.
Making your character eat in Minecraft is simple. You must be in survival mode to feed, which entails not just building but also surviving the perils that await you outside. You shouldn’t be concerned about locating and consuming food if you are playing in the creative or tranquil modes because there is no choice to do so and it is something that the game mode’s very nature forbids.

Complete Guide

How to Eat in Minecraft?

First and foremost, keeping some food on hand makes sense and is important. If it isn’t in the inventory that can be seen on the game screen, we will have to take it from the full inventory. Click the three dots button.

eat in minecraft


After tapping on a box in the lower margin inventory, tap on any food item in the higher inventory.

eat in minecraft
Food will be accessible throughout the game as a result.

eat in minecraft
Now return to the game and press the item you wish the character to eat from the slots in your inventory.

eat in minecraft
The character will begin to take bites of the food and will appear to be eating chicken legs in the hunger bar in the top right corner if you move your hand while tapping on the right side of the screen.

eat in minecraft


These are the fundamental procedures for eating, although there are a few things to remember:

Only while the hunger gauge is still half full can you consume food. In other words, you won’t be able to eat if all of your food symbols are complete (except for fruit, golden apples, and milk).


The so-called saturation bar has a significant impact on how quickly the hunger bar is devoured. The level of the saturation bar is hidden, but it does not begin to decline until the hunger bar is completely depleted. When engaging in strenuous activity, such as jogging, the saturation level drops.

Some meals prolong the feeling of satiety and postpone the beginning of hunger. You are more interested in consuming items with a high degree of saturation and a low level of hunger if the hunger gauge is nearing full (cooked pork chops, steaks, cooked lamb, golden carrots, or golden apples).


Of course, having food is a must for eating. There are several ways to obtain food. If you have a fishing rod, you can catch fish (salmon, clownfish), kill animals for their meat (cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, or rabbits), or perform your own farming and gather fruit (potatoes, carrots, beets, apples, melons).

Although it is possible to consume raw meat, be extremely careful with raw chicken (there is a 30% danger of poisoning) and other unsafe items. In the case of meat and fish, cooking the meal in the oven will improve the hunger bar by 3 times and the saturation bar by up to 5 times.


You may make various dishes by mixing the components, such as bread (wheat), cakes (milk, eggs, sugar, and wheat), cookies (wheat and cocoa beans), and more.

They don’t significantly raise the saturation bar, but if you’re hungry, they can aid in recovery. The advantages are larger in the cases of golden apples and golden carrots (combining either with gold nuggets).

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