Fallout 4 – Modes and Tweaks To make It look and feel better

Fallout 4

It is going to be my roadmap on how to make your Fallout 4 looks unbelievable,

so you always feel amazing.

Getting Geared up

Mod Manager

This is where you can get a little tricky, you’ll need to choose the Mod Manager you want to use. There are a lot of different guys out there, but the one I like for the moment is Vortex. There’s also the old Nexus Mod Manager, but I wouldn’t advise you to use it if you really want to get into heavy modding. I agree that if you continue with Vortex, you most likely need to watch a few videos about how to set it up and use it to its full potential.

F4SE and Other Mod specifications;

Surely, mods need other modifications, that’s how it operates.

This is typically the specifications, I’m not going to tell you how to install them, so it’s easy to look up.

  • F4SE The F4SE
  • Armor and Arms Keywords Group tools
  • Extended Armorsmith

Don’t forget that some mods require other mods as well, as some weapon mods may require a different texture or anime weapon. Only download the mod or check the specifications tab under the details will tell you the specifications and provide you with a direct connection by pressing the name.

Modifying Sites

There are a number of different places to use for this. I suggest starting with Nexusmods as it’s the easiest to use and doesn’t need much “entry” like some other pages. Below I’m going to connect my key mod pages.

  • Nexusmods:
  • Gunetwork

Although the last one, gunetwork is a very cool website that needs permissions to enter the private mods section, don’t get me wrong there are a number of decent ones in the public mods section as well. Just use the site, comment, and be active, and you will have access to the private section of the site.

Finding Proper Modes for Proper game style

This is the time-consuming part, this is where you’re going to have to take some time to think about how your game is going to be played. So, whether it could be graphically with a bunch of modern weapons or a super realistic game, it’s totally up to you. But I suppose you start with nice mods that boost the overall graphics and lighting. The next section is going to give you a few tips on some good ones.

Useful, but not required mods

These mods are at least a MUST HAVE for me.

  • ESP Explorer in-game

If you know what an ESP file is, this one is clear. But what it does is that it allows you to open a new menu (default keybind F11) that displays Any single mod loaded into your game, and then, with only a click of the button in the menu, you can get a screen of all the new things in that package. It’s very easy to use and saves a lot of screen time.

  • Configuration Menu Mod

This mod is also very clear given the name. But basically, it allows you to configure mods that support this mod. Makes life easy for ALOT and allows you to change items that you would otherwise need to take a lot of time to do,

PIP – Boy Mods:

Then you need to consider whether to use the original PIP-BOY, PIP-PAD or PIP-BOY 2000? I like the normal PIP-BOY, but I think it removes the nice armor from your left arm and looks really clumsy in this game, too. But the main difference between them is how they look, but PIP-PAD and PIP-BOY 2000 remove it from your arm as I said before. My main option is PIP-BOY 2000 because it’s a lot smoother, it doesn’t seem to run into as many glitches as the PIP-PAD mod does. Anyway, there’s a link to both of them:

  • PIP – PAD
  • PIP — BOY 2000


Now it’s time for a fun part, make your game look great. This can be really time-consuming since these mods can be hard to install. Let’s start with the most important one


It is the mod that will modify both the lightning games and the total colors. This makes the game stick out better than Anything does for any other mods. If you don’t know how to install an ENB, I’ll give you a video of my own when I do one. But here is a good ENB, which I recommend:


The aspect that makes this ENB so successful is the versatility of the customizations. This ENB has a lot more choices than I would go through so feel free to try them out, a few examples are Color Gradients, Color Matching, and more.

What this ENB mostly does is on the mod page as well, if you want to read more about it.


This has to be one of my favorite ways to modify my game.


Trust me, the weapon mods in this game are unbelievable, we’ve got some pretty good modders out there.
I’m going to add some of my favorites to you to test out their own work:

Fresh Toasty
Don’t forget this isn’t all of them, these are the people I could remember in my head. But if you want more than just googling about four weapon mods. There’s a lot or checkout of the weapons category on nexusmods here.


It doesn’t actually have anything to do with modding, so I may as well put it in either direction.

The way I take my screenshots is to open the console and write the command:

Tfc 1 (free camera 1)
The reason for the “1” is because it freezes the game so that you can move freely.

(Toggle menus)
This one is obvious, it just removes the UI for a clean screenshot.


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