How to Farm Chickens in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Farm Chickens in Minecraft?

Farm Chickens in Minecraft

One of the most underappreciated critters in Minecraft is the chicken. They are quick to kill and often of little use in battle. However, once slain, they provide one of the finest food sources and tradeable commodities in the game. Consuming chicken significantly improves health, and you can even trade with villagers for their feathers.

But you can only rely on them if you have a lot of them. In order to assist you in learning how to create a chicken farm in Minecraft, we are here to help. With this farm, you may quickly and automatically obtain hundreds of roasted chickens. So without further ado, let’s create a Minecraft chicken farm that runs automatically.


Complete Guide

How to Farm Chickens in Minecraft?


Although the layout of this farm is now typical in the neighborhood, it was initially developed by the YouTuber Mystical. For instructions on how to create a chicken farm in Minecraft, see below:

1. Place a hopper behind one of the two chests after placing the other two on the ground. Face this hopper toward the chest.

Farm Chickens in Minecraft

2. After that, position a construction block below the hopper, with two dispensers perched above it. The hopper should be facing these dispensers.

Farm Chickens in Minecraft

3. After that, place a slab above the hopper. When everything is ready, build glass walls two blocks high to enclose the hopper.

Farm Chickens in Minecraft

4. Next, set a carpeted hopper on top of the bottom dispenser and another one behind it. The dispenser has to be linked to this hopper.

Farm Chickens in Minecraft

5. Next, set a construction block down on the floor behind the new hopper. Next, affix a comparator to the block. The hopper should be closest to the two pins of the comparator.

Farm Chickens in Minecraft

6. Immediately top the comparator with an observer. Make sure Redstone is on the observer’s side, which must be facing up.

Farm Chickens in Minecraft

7. Lastly, surround the carpet by putting two glass blocks on either side of it. Then insert a lava bucket into the dispenser at the top.


How to Run a Successful Chicken Farm?

It’s time for you to put in some extra effort now that the farm’s major structures are prepared. To complete your Minecraft autonomous chicken farm, follow these steps:

1. Start by placing one construction block on each of the glass blocks, dispenser, and observers that are positioned around the carpeted hopper. By doing this, the carpeted space will be transformed into a cage that birds cannot escape. The next step is to construct a makeshift stairway that ascends to the carpeted hopper from the ground.

2. To get two hens up the stairway and land on top of the carpeted hopper, use seeds or lead.

3. After placing both chickens, you must use seeds to breed them. There should be a total of 24 chickens in this little area. Due to entity cramming, if you place more than 24 chickens, the game will start killing them.

4. When you have an adequate number of chickens, put an observer atop each one. The observer should face the chests with the arrow on top of their heads. Next, eliminate all transient blocks.

5. Finally, place a piece of Redstone on top of the observer that is behind the newly placed observer to automate the chicken farm. After that, put another piece of Redstone on top of the dispenser, which is now directly in front of the freshly established observer.


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