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Farm Together

Farm Together is a fun game. I’ve learned things the hard way over 70 hours of games. Now that I’m a veteran of the game. I put together a list of tips that allowed me to be more effective with less grinding. These are the ideas that will help me excel at Farm Together.

Successful agricultural tips and tricks

  • Sometimes plant trees of the same type and put a sign together.
  • Combine the same sort of fish in large ponds. I wanted to use a different pond for each group of fish, but it was too time-consuming. Make sure to put a signpost for each type of fish.
  • Place all farm animals in the same place. I made the mistake of putting the animals where I’ve ever had room, only to rush around trying to remember where I put any of the animals.
  • When you do the quests, plant only the seeds, the trees required for the quests. It’s going to help you get around quicker.
  • A new feature: the flower beds once planted tend to produce flowers. What you need to do is catch water and reap.
  • Make sure to test your tasks every day to see what needs to be accomplished.
  • When you’re visiting other Gamer Farms, please be courteous and say Hi. We’re not sucking. And you can make a new friend or two by just saying Hello, Hola,, Priviyet, Bonjour, etc.
  • Consider activating water sprinklers asap because they can help if you’ve got a really big farm. The sprinklers are going to spray trees and crops for you.
  • Still plant trees that you’ve released. And you’re not going to have to sprint around trying as the quests call for it. You’ve already planted plenty of them.
  • If it rains, you don’t need to wash fields. Except for the beds of the trees.
  • You don’t have to water the trees.
  • During their harvest seasons, you can only feed flower beds. I recommend that you put the sprinklers continuously to water the flower beds. 
  • Make some large animal cages. It’s going to help anytime you need to collect for the quests.

These tips are meant to help you run a more productive farm. Thank you so much for your service.

  • Bring the flower beds together and use the sprinklers to cool them. That way, you can just harvest them, and don’t worry about having to come back to water them every season.
  • If you reach higher rates (40-60), I wouldn’t even bother watering crops. I barely water mine, and they’re always rising in a timely manner. It helps to make the quests require more and more items. For starters, that… Some of the quests I’ve been calling for 1700 broccoli. I haven’t been able to water any of them since I’ve got a very big farm. It didn’t matter whether or not I sprayed them, they were already that.
  • If you have Farmhands, place them in the center of your fields, forests, fisheries, vegetables, etc. To optimize their use.

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