Farming Simulator 19 – Crop Outcomes and Prices

Tractor harvesting the crop

Farming Simulator 19-Crowps yields and prices

Data collected for Yield collected for each crop, the average value, and the resulting profit per acre.
I have gathered data on how many liters per acre each crop produces in the main game. This study was carried out with a 165 percent yield on both of them.
For sales prices, I’ve noticed some details in the game archives, and I think it’s the average sale point price. You should use this knowledge to make sure you’re not selling at a reasonable profit.

Data Collected and Results


At the end of the day, the overall commitment, the time is taken, the financial expenditure needed for the special equipment all play a significant role that must be considered. And overall, I think it’s well balanced. The only difference is cotton, which I consider to be surprisingly small relative to other crops. One might argue that this is probably the easiest crop in the game, but the return is much lower than other “simple” crops such as Canola or Soybean.
Don’t take the time to get the straw from your Corn, Oat and Barley fields, you may lose out on about 50 percent of the income you’re not harvesting and selling!

You must first purchase the land to sell Silage at the Biogas Factory. It will take up to 50,000 liters of Silage at once and process it continuously. You don’t get the money right away, it’s going to pay you at midnight. The price appears to be set at $500 per liter, and the price seems to be unchanged by the sale at this venue.
Since selling rates at different locations would drop after selling your crops, it is better to grow different crops and only sell them when prices are high or when demand is high. A large farm with a single crop type would not be as profitable as selling prices would often be lower.

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