Final Fantasy 7 Remake Pc system requirements

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More about the game

Final Fantasy 7 Remake one the most famous RPG game out there!
It have a massive fanbase that the game sold 11 Million of it’s copies right after releasing it!

The game itself took over a decade to release, The release of this game was so hyped that gamers were going crazy over it!

Even though the game took this much time to release the hype of it was never lowered, Cause as  Nintendo’s Shigeru said ” a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad. “

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an action-role playing game which was published by Squareenix
The company was delaying the game publishing for some reason for over some time but the launch finally happened and everything went smooth

FAQ about the game

Is Final Fantasy 7 remake a good starting point?

This question itself is a tricky one but I think that Final fantasy 7 Remake is a good starting point. 
First, It might seem like you need some additional knowledge but the as the game continues you get along with it so well.
All thanks to the producers and creators of the game the story is really easy to understand and so beautifully created that you can understand every bit with enjoyment!

Is Final Fantasy 7 remake worth the money?

Yes, The game definitely worth a try and really good investment if you want to do!
The game itself is really addicting and enjoyable. Even a newbie can understand the storyline easily and also the scenes and graphics are just too soothing for eyes!
All-though the game could be released in a better time but it still is one of the best RPG game out there and we would definitely recommend it to you!

Is Final Fantasy 7 the best game ever?

This is in-fact a tricky question, people sure like to ask spicy question, All-though this game have great graphics and storyline It is not the best game out there but this game is good in itself, It’s just one of it’s kind which makes it more fun and enjoyable!
It definitely worth a try but it’s not the best game out there, I mean the competition just keeps getting bigger and bigger so, It’s hard to make or call a game the best.
Giving that title means that no one can replace it any time soon but That is wrong cause the next part of Final fantasy 7 remake might replace it!

Is Final Fantasy 7 remake open world?

Unfortunately The game is not open world cause there are some parts where the way is locked or blocked by some stuff like Barricades or doors or walls,
But the game still is really enjoyable and fun to play even though it’s not open world!
We know that most of the game nowadays are open world but Hey what’s wrong in a different game right? It’s always fun to play old school games!


Final fantasy 7 remake is overall a really good game even though it have some flaws but it’s really really good and we suggest you to give it a go!
Even Final Fantasy 7 Remake Pc system requirements is not that high I mean it’s average not that high not that low but you got to compromise something to play on those great graphics!
Other than that we all liked the game and hoping the same from you, We are expecting you to drop you’re review on this Blog

Stay healthy and Keep grinding !
– Team Game Config


Written by Ricky

Have you seen 40-Year-old Virgin? Well, I am 32. I started this blog as a gateway for other simps. Now we are 500,000 strong community.


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