Final Fantasy VIII Remastered-A Guide on getting Squall ‘s Ultimate Weapon (Lionheart) on Disk # 1

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a Guide on getting Squall’s ultimate weapon in Final Fantasy VII Remstered


This guide was designed to show people the various ways to get Squall’s greatest weapon, the Lionheart, on disk 1. And how cool is it? It’s just cool. Enjoy it.

Things Required

Below is a list of things that you will need:

  • The Adamantine x1
  • Dragon Grab x4
  • Pulse Ammo x12

Some people have said that you need a magazine entitled “Weapons Mon 1st” to get the Lionheart. This is nonsense, and some people will play the game before they spread lies.

Acquiring Dragon Catches

There are several options to get Dragon Fangs on Final Fantasy VIII’s first disk:

  • T-Rexaur (level 20-29) has a 20 percent risk of losing Dragon Fangs. You will battle them in the Balamb Garden Training Center or in the woods outside of Balamb.
    The Grendel, which is stage 1-9, has a 70 percent risk of losing the Dragon Fangs.
  • Grendel (level 20-29) can lose Dragon Fangs approximately 20 % of the time. When you leave the second scene of the Dream Land, you will race through the same forest to find Grendel.


Getting an Ammunition Pulse

There are several ways to obtain adamantine in Final Fantasy VIII:

  • Card Slot 20 Elnoyle chips for 2 Power Crystals. Ammunition Refine the 2 Power Crystals to the 20 Pulse Ammunition. I would suggest that you have all the Elnoyle cards before you do the first Dollet trip. I found that they played a lot less often after the Dollet project, making it more difficult for them to achieve. Maybe it was just me, so I just wanted to say that because someone else ‘s worth it.
  • The Elastoid (30-100 level) lowers the Laser Cannons. You’ll need three Laser Cannons because each of the Laser Cannons can be Fired Optimized to 5 Pulse Fired. It’s not a normal decline. There’s a 6 percent risk that the Elastoid will lose the Laser Cannon.
    If you use the Mug feature (most people actually won’t have it yet) there is a 100 percent likelihood of having a Laser Cannon (assuming you don’t skip it). This is going to be really time-consuming without the Mug capabilities.
  • It is also possible for the Elastoid to drop the Laser Cannon if it is 20-29, but there is only about a 5 percent chance. Even, at level 20-29, the Mug capacity will just give you the Dynamo Rock.
  • Elastoids can be found in the Second Dream World as you pass through the forest to the Garden of Galbadia. When you’ve got three Laser Cannons, You will refine them to 15 Pulse You.

You would need to have the Ammunition Refine feature for each of the above solutions. Ammo Refine is an ability that you know from Ifrit. Ifrit needs to reach level 10 for this potential to turn up. If you’re doing a low-level game, you can link Ifrit to Seifer in the Dollet mission to level it up without leveling the other characters.

Finding Adamantine

There are several ways to get Adamantine on Final Fantasy VIII’s first disk:

  • Travel to the beach across from Dollet. The Adamantoise, which is level 30-100, will have a good chance of dropping Adamantine.
  • It’s possible for Adamantoise to lose Adamantine at level 20-29, but it’s such an incredibly low loss rate at certain rates (about 5 percent risk of having Adamantine) that I would only consider doing so if you have an overall party rating of 30 or above.
  • Card Modify the Minotaur code that you get when you’re looking for the GF Brothers.

Having the Lionheart before the Second Dream World would allow you to choose Choice 1.

Obtaining the Lionheart

Once you get all your things, go to Dollet’s Gun Shop and get the Lionheart. You’ve won it. And you’ve lied.

Cheat Engine / Save Publisher / Etcetera

The only way to get the Lionheart on Disk 1 is to use the Only Fantasy VIII memory / save app. I’m not going to show you how to use any of these applications, you cheater.

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