How to Find Minecraft Screenshots? Easy Guide

How to Find Minecraft Screenshots?

Find Minecraft Screenshots

Building a massive empire or embarking on dangerous missions in Minecraft is only fun if you can brag about it to your buddies. How many times while slogging away in Minecraft have you wished you could capture a screenshot? Even if you found out how to snap a screenshot in Minecraft, you could still be unsure of its location. Here’s a short “how to” identify that folder and snap a screenshot in Minecraft.

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Find Minecraft Screenshots

It might be a little difficult to find the screenshots you capture in Minecraft, but here’s how to accomplish it on Mac and Windows.

On Windows, screenshots are kept in the AppData/Roaming folder under the.minecraftscreenshots subfolder. Enter %appdata% in the search box under Start. The folder that displays; click on it. There is another folder titled “.minecraft” within. All of your screenshots are included in a folder with the same name when you open it. You’re now ready to go!
You may access the Minecraft settings overlay for Windows 10 Bedrock Edition by pressing Win + G. To capture a screenshot under Game Capturing, use the camera button. The location of the screenshot is then displayed in a notice. The default location for saving screenshots is C: Usersusername>VideosCaptures.


Screenshots taken in Minecraft are kept in /Library/Application Support/screenshots on macOS. On most Macs, this folder is hidden, so to discover it, open Finder, select “Go” from the menu bar, and then select “Go to Folder.” Copy the address above, paste it, and press Enter.
They are kept in /.minecraft/screenshots on Linux.


How to Find Minecraft Screenshots?

Find Minecraft Screenshots

In Minecraft, there are several different methods for taking screenshots. Additionally, this changes according to the kind of gadget you’re using. The methods for taking screenshots in Minecraft on various devices are listed below.

You only need to hit F2 on the majority of Windows PCs. The precise spot we indicated before will be where the Minecraft screenshot folder is.

On Windows 10, there are several alternative methods for taking screenshots. The easiest way is to simultaneously hit the Windows Key and the Print Screen button.
Windows Alternate: Press Windows + G to open the Xbox Game Bar, then click the camera icon. The default snapshot location is Local Disk C: > Users > *username* >Videos > Captures, where these screenshots will be kept.
Press CMD + SHIFT + 4 at the same time on a Mac. However, the place will be different. You may locate your screenshot under Library > Application > Screenshots for Minecraft.


How to Find Minecraft Screenshots? Easy Guide 1

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