How to Fix Authentication Error Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Fix Authentication Error Minecraft?


When attempting to connect to a Minecraft server, the “Failed to Authenticate your Connection” error appears. The player cannot connect to the server because of the error message, which typically denotes a Minecraft server bug. Hypixel servers can also see this. The following steps appear to be effective for them as well.

fix authentication error minecraft

This specific problem is frequently brought on by unstable connections or glitchy Minecraft servers. For Minecraft to properly establish input and outflow of data, the users’ connection must be steady and consistent. Therefore, this error results from a bad connection, either on the users’ side or Minecraft’s side.

Complete Guide

How to Fix Authentication Error Minecraft?



Solution 1: Reset the internet router’s power

When the router’s built-up internet cache is damaged, the error may occasionally appear and prevent the user from establishing a secure connection with the servers. The connection may time out due to this problem. Therefore, we will totally power cycle the internet router in this step to remove that cache. in order to

Remove the internet router’s plug from the electrical receptacle.

fix authentication error minecraft

For at least 15 seconds, press and hold the router’s power button.
To turn on the router, replug it in and push the power button.
Await the provision of internet connectivity before checking to determine if the problem is still present.


Restart Launcher as a second option

Sometimes the game doesn’t launch correctly, which results in certain files not loading entirely. The game’s ability to connect to a world may also be affected by this problem. In order to solve this issue, we will restart the launcher and the game entirely at this stage. To accomplish that:

Right-click the taskbar and choose “Task Manager” from the menu that appears.
or choose “Task Manager” by pressing “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Del.”

fix authentication error minecraft

If you see anything with “Minecraft” in the name, scroll down and look for it in the “Processes” tab.
When it is located, click on it and choose “End Task” to end the process.


After it has been closed, give the launcher some time to run again.
Launch Minecraft, attempt to connect to the server, and observe whether the problem still exists.

Utilize Direct Connect as Option 3

fix authentication error minecraft
In some circumstances, we can utilize the direct connect function in the multiplayer to connect to the server instead of using the server list. We will use direct connect to access the “Hypixel” server as there is where this issue is most common.



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