Fortnite Pc system requirements

Last updated on March 10th, 2021 at 09:17 am

Minimum System Requirement

Recommend System Requirement

About fortnite


Fortnite is a 100 player survival game that has been developed and published by epic games.

This game is pretty good and have a really great fan-base and is played by many players all around the world, Making it get a spot in top games in the whole world.

This game is this popular that the game have e-sport tournament of this game have a Prize-pool reaching over millions of dollar to one player.

This game is really easy to play and have really great tutorial system also it have a training mode that is known as it’s creative mode that players use to train them.

This game is really good if you are trying to get into battle Royale games for the first time.

This game popped up really great as soon as it launched and made millions of players play it in the starting months and broke all the records of the gaming world.

The graphics are also really good and eye soothing, it’s really smooth and would definitely recommend to players who have the pc system requirement for this game!

It’s entirely cross platform and can be played with anyone on different devices, Players from pc can play with mobile devices and mobiles players can play with consoles players, It is the best part about the game which I liked the most and is a really great part of it!

The events that the game have are also perfectly timed like whenever the players are getting bored of the game the game would randomly drop some events that no-one thought and made the game active once again and once more, Everyone likes these type of events like the avenger event, Everyone really really liked it.

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The guns in this games are really unique too and works different than any other game which is why it seems really fun, they also removed and update every gun once in a while which is why the game is still active, Like the removal of drum-gun All-though  it got a huge backlash but still it was an great update and changed the game meta.

The developer of this game are quite active and talented too like the developers of this game knows their game engine really  well, some of the member of this game have been working with the unreal engine for over 20 years so we can say that they are pretty well known with this engine making them easy to work with it.

The bad thing about Fortnite is it’s in-game purchases and how some of the modes in Fortnite are completely pay to win making it hard for the players who want to play this game for free ( F2P )



This game is pretty great and really fun to play, Fortnite is really fun to play and have smooth gameplay, It can be played on any devices from consoles to mobiles which makes it available for everyone making it fun to play and also it’s cross platform.

The only thing that I don’t like about the game is it’s pay to win interface and other than that I am pretty satisfied with this game would give 9.5/10


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