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Game of Thrones Winter is coming Gameplay

Tips and tricks for newcomers In Game of Thrones Winter is Coming.

  • Talent Points: As a newbie, you want to focus on your story quest to grow in strength quickly. When you level up your master, the best use of your talent points is in the Development tree, press “unlock” before you hit the I & II Design and Study Talents at level 30. In order to increase the training speed of the troops, the talent of Troop Training Speed I & II can be unlocked in the battle tree.
  • Weirwood: You want to use Guard Skills manually, most of them are Area of Impact, making it easy to attack numerous enemies. Having food exposure for your officers is a must, to get food, you need to blitz the 3-star areas you have already accomplished. It’s easier to conserve blitz anytime you need to update things from the commanders.
  • Experience Points: Experience is incredibly useful at all levels of play, fortunately, there are a few ways to optimize your gains. Getting Vip 4 and then buying the 599 diamond chest will give you a 25 percent free exp card, using it on the first day of play is a good idea. Click Seven in the middle of your castle and Lord EXP Bonus to activate it for 24 hours. Getting a higher VIP level also enables you to boost your exp income, which is higher than VIP 9.
  • Alliance: From level 4 fortress, you will always support the coalition of one of your friends or the public. Alliance aims to reduce building and study time by 1% each to a total of 1 minute. Such help from your partnership will help you save time and hurry. You will notice that sometimes, randomly, you get gifts, they come from defeated horses and you buy packs. Every member receives the gifts so don’t wait until they’re gone! Claiming enough gifts is going to cause your alliance to level up and get better rewards. You should aim to get VIP 8 to get all of them instantly, and you can instantly complete the alliance quest with VIP 9 as well.
  • Rebel Camps and PvP: There’s a Morale mechanic that lets your troops withdraw and they don’t just all die, because rebel camps, every 0.5 seconds after 5 seconds of combat, will reduce your morale by 5 percent, it’s necessary to have enough damage to crack the wall. Having a good frontline like Infantry, Cavalry will make sure you win more of the fights, values will be nil while most of the Frontline is down. Early on, you want to do lvl 1 camps with around 250-500k of strength, don’t worry, your alliance will give you troops to take them down quickly. If you win the fight successfully, the chest will be sent to your Merchant Guild, you need to auction it, and then wait for the timer. You should claim a bonus for that. The bonuses depend on the size of the box, you can have a limit of 3 chests at any one time. You need to update your Bannerman Halls to increase your Rally Capacity Number.
  • Chats Channel: To boost your gameplay, you can easily share the coordinates with your friends by pressing the “wind” button next to it. You can send Alliance Recruitments to The World Chat, limited to 3 uses a day. Starting a rally will allow the Alliance members to join the rally directly from the chat. Sharing horse coordinates will allow you to see the rest of the health of your horses and tell your allies to focus on an alliance gift.
  • Game Events: There are multiple events that you can complete every day: Elites, Normals, Raising, and Army. They’re offering Speed Up things and tools to help you expand faster.
  • Lord Hardware: Targeting Horses and Farming locations on the map, have resources that can be crafted into lord hardware. The best way to get materials from spots is to upgrade your military capability, you can do it by increasing your army size and with talent and research. Occupying Level 5 spots is usually better than the others, they gather faster and have more resources. They can only be located near King’s Landing, and you’re going to have to fight for it. Making it often easier to farm 4 spots instead, you will find them near any major city. For a more comprehensive guide, go to the Kingdom tab, which can be reached by tapping on the top of the minimap, and click on the resource icons in the bottom right corner.
  • Castle Siege Game: This operation consists of capturing one of the 7 main cities of Westeros, each offering their respective rewards. When the disaster ends, allies battle each other to take towns, so you will strengthen protected ones to help protect them. One City needs to be held for more than 2 hours to protect your alliance for 5 days until the next time this event comes, if your City is captured before the timer comes to an end, it will be reset. King landings will be available during the second event, this City as special bonuses and interactions, allowing you to give buffs/debuffs and gifts to everyone in the Kingdom, the King Landings Alliance is considered Winners of the event.
  • Kingdoms: The first time you start playing the game, you spawn into one of the Kingdoms of Westeros, there are multiples of them. You will also fly to the new Kingdom after 60 days of security have expired, allow 810 000 Alliance coins, and reset your ranks on training grounds. To see the other kingdoms, just click the Globe over the minimap.



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