How to Get a Cape in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft?

Get a Cape in Minecraft

Among all the goods in Minecraft, capes are one of the rarest. They can indicate how long you’ve played, which events you’ve attended, or simply which modifications you use, depending on which one you have.

In Minecraft, obtaining a cape is not difficult. But unless you belong to a very niche group of players, it almost certainly involves spending some cash.

Here are the steps for obtaining a cape in Minecraft, both via the standard approach and modifications.


Without Modifications, How to Get a Cape in Minecraft?

Get a Cape in Minecraft
In Minecraft, capes are typically awarded to players who participate in particular activities or do particular tasks.

For instance:

From 2011 through 2016, you may obtain a unique cape by participating in the real-world MINECON event. For MINECON 2019, Mojang brought back these capes, but just for Bedrock Edition users.
A cape may be given to Minecraft mappers who have had their maps accepted into the Realms Content Creator Program and gained enough points.
If you purchased Minecraft: Java Edition before December 2020, you may receive the “Migrator” cape by transferring your Mojang or legacy account to a Microsoft account.


Players will also receive special cape if they visit the forthcoming Minecraft Festival in late 2022.


few capes are always available, however, they are only available with the Bedrock Edition.


Players that download the Bedrock Edition beta versions receive the Pan Cape.


Players of Bedrock have access to roughly two dozen different capes by purchasing skin packs like the Star Wars Classic Pack or the Adventure Time Mash-Up.

Go to the character creation website for Minecraft and alter your skin to equip your capes. There, you may view every cape you’ve unlocked.


How can I use OptiFine modifications to acquire a cape in Minecraft?

Get a Cape in Minecraft
There are several different modifications for Minecraft that can grant you a cape. However, OptiFine is the greatest of these upgrades, despite the fact that it is quite expensive.

If you haven’t heard of it, OptiFine is a sizable Minecraft hack that updates the game’s graphics engine and enables computer optimization. It’s perhaps the most well-known Minecraft mod of all time and a need for installing shader packs.


You may create and wear personalized capes with OptiFine in addition to performance adjustments. However, capes are locked at the beginning, unlike the other aspects of the mod.

Although OptiFine may be downloaded for free, you must contribute $10 to the OptiFine team in order to obtain capes. On this website, you may pick your cape design and donate. Your email address and Minecraft account are required.
The next time you launch the game, your cape ought to be shown on your character. If not, check to see if OptiFine is installed and whether capes are enabled in the game by opening Options, selecting Skin Customization, and then making sure Cape is set to ON.

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