How to Get Bricks in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Get Bricks in Minecraft?

Get Bricks in Minecraft

Bricks were first incorporated into the blocky world of Minecraft in 2009, more specifically as a part of the significant 0.9.0 update. In the present form of the game, bricks may be used to make either brick blocks or flower pots, which are their two actual purposes.


Brick bricks are used frequently while creating structures that have a contemporary appearance since they are visually distinctive blocks in the game. This tutorial will outline the precise steps needed to construct bricks and brick blocks in the game, along with information on where to get all the materials needed.

Get Bricks in Minecraft

In Minecraft, smelting clay balls in a furnace produce bricks.
Four bricks may be combined to create a brick block, which is excellent for building.
Bricks may also be used to create beautiful flower pots.
Every builder’s toolbox in Minecraft must have bricks. They are superior to standard cobblestone blocks in that they are robust, simple to make, and offer any home a tidy yet tough look.

Complete Guide

How to Get Bricks in Minecraft?

Get Bricks in Minecraft
You’ll need a furnace, fuel to run it, and clay as your primary component to manufacture bricks.

By placing cobblestones around the boundaries of your crafting table, you may create a furnace. And you may use almost any sort of wooden object as fuel, as well as a bucket of lava, coal, or charcoal.

Your clay, at last. Clay bricks are frequently seen around coasts in shallow water. Each clay block may produce four bricks since you always get four clay balls when you mine a clay block.

Put the fuel and clay in the furnace, then let it melt. You will receive a brick for each clay ball.

Get Bricks in Minecraft

Once you have your bricks, you may use them to build flower pots and brick blocks.

You may make a brick block by arranging four bricks on your crafting table in the shape of a square. This is the building block that you will employ. It has a consistent pattern that is pleasing to the eye and is just as sturdy as any stone block.


Additionally, you may create a flower container by arranging three bricks in the shape of a V on your crafting table. Use a flower, sapling, mushroom, or cactus to plant on the flower container by setting it down. Any home, garden, or city would look lovely decorated with this.


The Bottom Line

Although it may be claimed that bricks in Minecraft are now only moderately helpful, they are nevertheless a terrific method to give any possible building plans a spotless appearance. The fact that bricks are so inexpensive and simple to construct also makes them a great foundational building material for novices.


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