How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft?

Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft

In Minecraft, parrots make for adorable, colorful friends. As you work, they follow you, sing, make noises like the crowd, and even perch on your shoulder.

Riding on a player’s shoulder is a somewhat uncommon mechanic. Parrots are able to go with you on your journeys while remaining out of sight, unlike other mobs like wolves and cats which mostly just follow you about.

However, with just three hearts of health, parrots are rather frail. This implies that it can be quickly killed by anything like a creeper explosion, some fire, or an arrow from a skeleton.

So it’s crucial to know how to remove a parrot from your shoulder in Minecraft in order to protect your pet, and I’ll teach you how.

Complete Guide

How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft?

Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft

Only the jungle biome and its variations include parrots. Because there are so many various biomes in Minecraft, it might be challenging to identify a particular one at times. Knowing how to switch biomes can be useful in these situations.

It is crucial to keep them secure and protected since they only have a 0.2% chance of spawning and can spawn either alone or in a pair.

You’ll probably notice your parrot flying about the area when you do discover it.

Make sure you have a lot of seeds on you before you try to tame it, whether they are ordinary seeds, pumpkin, melon, or any other kind you may have discovered.

Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft

Feed the parrot the seeds until you see heart fragments fluttering around it. Once domesticated, the parrot will stick with you and sit on your shoulder occasionally.

Keep in mind that, unlike breeding Bees, parrots cannot be fed to recover their health or bred to produce more of them.

So the best course of action while leaving your base is to keep them off your shoulders and somewhere secure.


Taking a Bird Off Your Shoulder

Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft
A parrot will always sit on your shoulder if given the chance. If you don’t force the parrot to sit down, it will follow you around everywhere you go. It will teleport to a neighboring area if you venture too far.

One parrot on each shoulder is the most you can have on your character.

On your shoulders, parrots are often rather secure since they cannot be injured when perched.

However, it’s actually rather simple to pull them off your shoulder.

Just jumping would be the most secure method to do this. If you leap straight up or hop down a single block, parrots will quickly hop off your shoulder. They will be kicked off if they move up anything that is higher than a half-block.

Jumping into the water would be another secure method of removing them. In most cases, the parrot will jump off your shoulder, swim in the water, and chase after you without being able to climb back on.

The parrot will teleport back to you after you exit the water and land on a sturdy object if you swim far enough away.

When you lie in bed, the parrot will finally detach from your shoulder.


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