How to Get Sponge in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Get Sponge in Minecraft?

Get Sponge in Minecraft

Players in the massive sandbox game Minecraft have the freedom to design a dynamic and changing environment since the world is built from bricks. Players are able to create anything they want in the game, opening up a wide range of options.

All the blocks in Minecraft have distinct designated functions to accomplish when it comes to making and using the stuff, and they also produce varied results. One of the game’s most frequently utilized building pieces, the sponge enables players to soak up water from the surroundings. This article was carefully compiled to detail the process for obtaining sponges in Minecraft.


In Minecraft, there are only two methods for obtaining a sponge that does not involve a console or creative mode. This may be obtained in two ways: first, by mining the sponge in the Sponge Room, and second, by killing an Elder Guardian who will undoubtedly drop one or more sponges.

Here’s how to locate an Ocean Monument. These two techniques are only viable in an Ocean Monument.


Get Sponge in Minecraft

How to Get Sponge in Minecraft?

First Step – Find an ocean monument

Finding a hamlet and a cartographer there is the first step in discovering an Ocean Monument. After that, you must trade with him in order to access the Cartographer-Apprentice trading level. You can only do this by exchanging documents for emeralds.

The villager seller will offer the Ocean Explorer Map if you have completed the aforementioned trades and reached the Apprentice level. Players will be sent to the Ocean Monument’s location after obtaining the map.

Get Sponge in Minecraft

This is how the Ocean Explorer Map appears; you are marked in white, and the Ocean Monument is marked in blue, as seen in the image above.

There is also the option of using deception to find the Ocean Monument. Enter “Locate monument” in the console if you don’t mind cheating. It will tell you where the closest Ocean Monument is.


Step 2 – Getting The Sponge

Get Sponge in Minecraft
The next stage is getting there now that you have the Ocean Monument map in your possession. If you are playing in survival mode when you get to the Ocean Monument, you will need a few potions to be ready for the adventure. It shouldn’t be too tough, though, and you might not even need to make any more preparations for the task at hand if you are not in survival mode.

No matter what, you will require the Potion of Water Breathing and the Potion of Night Vision if you are on survive. You can breathe underwater and see underwater with the use of either of these potions. The Elder Guardian or Sponge Room may now be found by starting your exploration of the Ocean Monument.

If you discover the sponge room, use a hoe to mine the sponges. You’ll acquire sponges quicker if you mine them using this technique.
Alternately, use a strong blade like a Diamond to dispatch any Elder Guardians you come across. The Elder Guardian will drop a sponge once you kill it.

Step 3 – Sponge Drying

You can see that sponges are Wet Sponges in your inventory, and we need to dry them. The Wet Sponge can only be dried in two different ways.

Use any fuel to dry the water by placing a Wet Sponge on the furnace. Changing it to a Regular Sponge. It should be noted that if you use a bucket as fuel, water will drain into the bucket.

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