How to Get Wax in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Get Wax in Minecraft?

Get Wax in Minecraft

Bee nests and beehives in Minecraft are sources of beeswax, often known as honeycombs.

Honeycombs are an essential component of beehives, candles, and honeycomb blocks, and may be used to wax copper blocks to stop further oxidation.

The methods for collecting honeycombs are essentially the same whether players are using real bee nests or artificial beehives.

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Get Wax in Minecraft

How to Get Wax in Minecraft?

Getting wax from nests and hives

Get Wax in Minecraft

Players that are looking for a natural bee nest in Minecraft must visit specific biomes. Depending on the version of Minecraft being used, several of these biomes have varying bee nest spawn rates. Following are these biomes and their probabilities:

Plains (5 percent likelihood in Java and Bedrock versions)

In both Java and Bedrock variants, sunflower plains have a 5% probability.

(2% in Java, 3% in Bedrock) Flower forest

Forest (2 percent in Java,.03 percent in Bedrock)

Hills covered with trees (.2% in Java,.035% in Bedrock)

(2% in Java,.035% in Bedrock) Birch woodland

Tall birch woodland (Java:.2%; Bedrock:.035%)

Hills covered in birch trees (0.2% in Java, 0.035% in Bedrock)

Tall birch hills (1.5% in Bedrock,.2% in Java)


These statistics make it obvious that bee nests are often relatively uncommon. Finding one will probably involve doing a lot of looking. Nevertheless, by keeping an eye out for bees in addition to the nest itself, the search might be made a little bit simpler. Since they are disproportionately big in Minecraft compared to their real-world counterparts, bees are quite difficult to overlook.

Get Wax in Minecraft

When a player discovers a bee nest, they should check to determine if the nest is emitting any honey. Players can use shears to remove honeycombs from the nest if that happens. The bees inside honeycombs will become agitated and aggressive if they are merely removed. Players can start a standard fire or campfire below the nest to prevent this. Players can safely remove the honeycombs when the smoke calms the bees.

A player can even grab the entire nest itself if they use a tool that has the Silk Touch enchantment. The bees inside will be transported inside the block, which they can then move to another location if they so choose.


Players may decide to construct a beehive after they have the honeycombs they want because it will produce the same ingredients and won’t take as much time to find.

Players may arrange three honeycombs in the middle row of the crafting grid and wooden planks in the top and bottom rows to make a beehive.



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