How to Get X-ray in Minecraft? Easy Guide

How to Get X-ray in Minecraft?

Get X-ray in Minecraft

Minecraft Java Edition is one of the very few games that lets players set up any mod and use it in the game. Since the game is open source, a sizable modding community has grown around it. The sandbox game’s features, structures, critters, biomes, and even game modes may all be added by players. The X-ray is among the most well-known modifications for the game.

As its name implies, X-ray is a wonderful kind of hack that lets users search for various kinds of subsurface blocks. Players are continuously searching for rich minerals, whether they are underground or underwater because the game is primarily built on mining. However, users may use this mod to easily discover these blocks if they don’t want to waste time mining for hours and just want to find them more quickly.

Complete Guide

How to Get X-ray in Minecraft? Easy Guide 1

How to Get X-ray in Minecraft?

How to install the Forge App and mod

The Forge App must first be downloaded by gamers from this website. This program produces a brand-new, independent version of the game that has been modified and enables all sorts of modifications to function in it. Players can choose a game to create a distinct version of when they install the app.

get xray in minecraft

There are a number of modifications for Minecraft Java Edition that can make this functionality available. The most well-known of them all, with over 26 million downloads, is X-ray Ultimate. The Forge software will automatically install on the modified game version if players simply go to this site and select “Install.” The mod has been updated to work with game version 1.18.2. Thus, there should be no problems for gamers.


How to utilize the X-ray mod in the Java edition of Minecraft

Players can launch the modified Minecraft Java Edition from the Forge App once the mod has been successfully loaded there. They must go to the game’s settings and choose the resource pack option. Players may easily enable the X-ray Ultimate mod under the resource pack option by pressing the play button.

get xray in minecraft
Players can enter a planet after activating it to see all the significant resource blocks buried deep underneath. Only their edges are visible while the other blocks became translucent. For players to be able to see every ore block underground, they might need to use the night vision potion.

Players may temporarily enable the mod and swiftly scan the landscape to discover valuable blocks and mine them easily, even though it is not the most visually appealing method to play the game.

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