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God Of War

God of war 4

God of war is genuinely the best game out there! It is based on the greek mythlogy and many other events related to that, this game have many parts and God of war 4 is one of them, the Graphics and Physics on this games are too good too!

The announcement of God of war 4 was made on 2016 on event called E3 and the event was really great and fabulous everything was great! and the announcement of this game made it even more great, most of the gamers there were just too exicited to only have a little bit of the peak in the game. I was too but I was more interested in the storyline than the actual gameplay.

God of war 4 is this good that it could be categorised in one of the best game out there in market, The character development of this game is itself so good to define the whole game anyone can fall in the trap of being addict of this game.

The main character

God of war 4  Pc system requirement 4

Kratos – Main character god of war

Just like the game the characters of this game are elegant too, Like really elegant and if we are talking about elegancy we cannot forgot about the main character of this game which is none other than Kratos himself. This man got everything that a game needs to make his main character as, he got the badassness, the toughness, the dressing sense and how can we forget about the voice overs?

The voiceover of kratos was done by Christopher Judge
Most of the Kratos fan only likes him more for his voice, the deep the tough voice is just so satisfying and matching with the subtitles and the script, it’s almost like a movie playing but we are controlling everything which makes it even more and more fun.

Kratos was considered as the most badass game character ever made and the main motive was it to take it’s revenge from the gods in any or every way possible that’s why he also trains his son to continue and pursue on the same way that he is walking on


God of war 4  Pc system requirement 5

We talked about the game that how good it is, how good it’s graphics are and how it can be easily considered as one of the best games. We also talked about the character that how strong and mighty he is and how it have the really huge and huge fanbase all over the world people who don’t even know the game still uses him as their profile pricture. We also talked about the voiceover and the voice actor that how without sound the character would look dry and how did mr. Judge came in rescue and how elegant and deep the voice is and how perfectly it lends in the gameplay and storyline.

Now we gonna talk about the weapons, the main thing that cover almost half of the game, The meta and the quest how hard it is to achieve these weapons and how lucky you are if you get these!

The weapons are all insipired from real life things are almost the copy of real swords but with some more coolness in it, poeple have started to make these type of swords after the game launced cause it’s good.

There is a weapon called Surtr’s sword, No other weapon can withstand it, it’s just over powered and hard to get but once you get it it’s like the game becomes 20 times more easier than usual.

more parts of god of war?

Altho there is no ongoing live anoucement going on where the official stated that the new part of this game gonna be launced but all we can do is wait cause that’s the best thing to do and as the great game devloper says ” Things that takes times are usually turns out to be the best ones “

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