GTA 5 – Highest Earning Methods

In GTA 5, you can earn much money by “Take” and “Cut” from every heist. You can do it by selecting the right team members with their best approach. This article will guide you about choosing the right team.

Recruit Additional Crew Members

Patrick McReary

Patrick McReary is a gunman in the heist and will be unlocked in the result of helping two robbers in a random event. A random event is unlocked after the completion of the mission “Complications”. This random event can be found between Forum Drive and Strawberry Avenue and named as “Getaway Driver”.

Taliana Martinez

This character will act as a Driver in the heist. This girl will be unlocked after completing the random event “Crash Rescue” in which you help the girl. This random event will be unlocked after you have completed the mission “Mr.Philips”.

Note: If you do not take Taliana to her house on time, she will bleed and die, it will lock again and will never be unlocked for you.

The Best Approach

The Jewel Store Job (Smart Approach)


  • Max Take: $4,946,153
  • Max Michael cut: $1,223,073
  • Max Franklin cut: $293,539
  • Driver: Karim Denz (8%)
  • Gunman: Patrick McReary (12%)
  • Hacker: Ricky Lukens (4%)

The “Smart Approach” is the best one because only Michael and the gunman will rob the jewels inside the store. It is different from “Loud Approach” as it do not need the assistance of driver too. Unfortunately, if you got a bad driver, part of take will be dropped and lost.

Therefore, select “Smart Approach”, then choose the lowest take Driver because the only thing that will change is that Franklin has to get off the heat using a Bati 801 instead of Sanchez. Always pick the best gunman. Patrick is the best gunman with the lowest take. If you will choose unskilled gunman, he will be killed inside the store before reaching the tunnel.

Even when he is dead but you have had the bag from the street, the lower take altogether with the casualty expenses will make the worst gunman cost more than a good one.


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