GTA 5 – How to Import / Export Vehicles With Top Tier Vehicles

This guide will teach you how you can only get top-of-the-range cars from your GTA 5 office.


Then the criteria are that you need at least:

  • Vehicle shop and office.
  • 10 regular model vehicles without duplicates
  • 10 mid-range vehicles and no duplicates

How to Do It

But you need to buy 10 high range cars and 10 mid-range cars and no duplicates after doing so you’ll only get High-end cars no matter what happens, so if you sell your regular or mid-end vehicles, you can get vehicles that aren’t top tier again, so if you don’t, you’ll only get top range cars.


The Most Effective Way of Gathering Cars

The requirements for gathering cars the most effective way are:

  • A cargo bob doesn’t matter if its the military one or jetsam their the same anyways (jetsam is uglier)
  • An office and a vehicle warehouse

Now, after you get your car out of your machine in your car, get to your assistant and order. Cargobob it costs $200 to order it which for GTA standards it’s nothing you’ll actually fly directly from your office roof with your cargo bob getting to the vehicle location either instantly get your car with the cargo bob or land and do whatever you need to do to get the car to the cargo bob that depends on the mission you’ve been given as if the car’s just parked somewhere you can just lift it up, but if you want to get the car to the cargo bob and then the car with Your Cargobob and just bring it to your vehicle office rockstar has added special animation as you transport the car with a cargo bob just get the car on 

the same height as the roof of your warehouse and the motion activates and your car was shipped this is the most reliable way to pick up cars.
Import and export cars

The Most Effective Way of Selling Cars

After collecting your beautiful top range cars of course you’ll want to sell them to get money so you can also sell only 1 car if it’s just you but the more associates you have the better and the more cars you can sell at once you’ll always sell it to a specialist dealer so you get more money the only negative point is that there’s a risk that when this car gets destroyed you’ll get more money Collecting and selling off course then when you start selling go on your own and even tell all your associates to go off the biker by calling lesser its much cheaper but just last one minute because ghost company lasts a lot longer also costs a lot of money because at certain cases you won’t be able to deliver the cars in 1 minute, but it doesn’t matter because when other players know you’ll be al. It was, of course.


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