GTA 5 Online How to Log in Server and Install

GTA 5 which stands for Grand Theft Auto is a video game. Rockstar Games has developed and published it in the year 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation. Later in the year 2015, it was released for the windows. GTA 5 is the most successful video game of Rockstar Games and collected $800 million on its first day of release. Offline is a single-player game in which the player roams around a fictional city name San Andreas. Where he gets involved in the nexus of gangs and makes money, friends, enemies in the game.

One can also play GTA 5 online in a multiplayer version and for that, there is a number of steps to be followed. But most important one needs to have installed a version of this game in his/her PC. Without that, it’s impossible to play GTA 5 online. There is also a very strict GTA 5 PC system requirement to install the game on his/her PC.

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How to Install

Go to RockStar Games official website or there are also other sites like Steam Games from where one can officially buy GTA 5 and can install at his/her PC. Due process is the same as any other game, follow the instruction and play.

Talking about GTA 5 online there are few steps as following to follow

  • Go to the website FiveM and download the file. It is a modification of grand theft auto 5 which enables you to play online in a multiplayer mode by allowing you to connect with different servers.


  • After downloading the FiveM, install it in your PC but don’t open the file.
  • Now go to Rockstar Games official website and click on “SOCIAL CLUBwhich is present on the top bar of the site.


  • After that, a new tab will open where you will be asked to log in or signup. Also, there is an option available for Xbox and play station users to log in through their account.
  • If you have already an account just simply click on the login tab.
  • And if not then click on the sign-up tab.
  • After that, some basic information will be asked from you like email id, date of birth, etc.
  • They will also ask you to read all their terms and condition related to the profile you are trying to make.
  • As you have now made the profile now you can open the file you have downloaded from the FiveM website.
  • Make sure you always remain logged in at Rockstar Games social club other this file won’t get you the desired result.
  • After opening that file click on the game you like to play and according to that servers will be available to you.
  • Join the server according to your internet speed and enjoy the GTA 5 Online.

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If you are using a crack version or you have downloaded a game not from the official site then for that there is another way to access these servers.


As you have downloaded your game from other sites you will not get the DLC (Downloadable Content)  update. That is basically an update for the game the developers from time to time provide to their customers.

DLC file

If you don’t have a DLC file you can download it from the internet. Many sites have a link available to download the DLC file. You will get a zip file and after extracting it copy and paste the folders present in the DLC file into GTA 5 files present in your computer.


One Social Club setup will also be available in the DLC files. Install it on your PC.


After that follow the same procedure that we have told you above. This way the one who is using a cracked version can also play GTA 5 online.


How to join a server

Well, joining the server is not an easy task. One cannot simply click on any server and join the game. Every server has some set of rules which one will have to follow to be part of that server. They may also ask him/her to do some hoops as it is necessary to keep the server safe and intact. Each server provides you some tasks to do. And they take it very seriously. If you will not full fill your duties they may kick you out. They have done it with a very famous YouTuber from India, Carry Minati.


Famous Servers

“NOPIXEL” is a very famous server. Almost every person who plays GTA 5 Online or offline knows about it.  But joining Nopixel is hardest. They only take 32 players at a time but almost 4000 people requests to join the server. That means they reject many but that doesn’t mean you cannot join them. They have said in their official statement that anyone can join them. Their rejection is not permanent.


“GTA WORLD”  is another server that has currently 500 members and is completely text-based. That means they only communicate through chatting.


“MAFIA CITY” the only server that allows you to play as a Cop. Here every property is on sale and one can buy anything in this server.



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