GTA 5 Pc system requirement

Last updated on March 10th, 2021 at 09:12 am

Recommend System Requirement

About Gta V

Gta V

GTA 5 is an part of a series of a game called Grand Theft Auto, It is it’s fifth part that has been launched by Rockstar games.

GTA V is an multiplayer and single player open world game, You can do almost everything in it from car racing to who swims the farthest win challenge!
The game is pretty well made for it’s kind and Rockstar is famous to make these bangers after every 10-15 years.

There is an online mode too in this game where u can play role play with your friends or someone that you know, The online mode of GTA have many servers and you can join any.

There is single mode too if you are a lone-wolf and just want to have fun alone, You can try that at-last this mode is made for you. I also used to play this mode and my favoruite part was just punching random people on streets and getting police star on me and making me the most wanted person on that game haha

I played this game with my friends on some random server online and it was quite fun and we all enjoyed our time there and talked a lot and went to many different places as it is open world you can just go anywhere, literally anywhere.

This game have some nsfw scene too like the strip club one so it’s definitely not for people under 18 so we will suggest you not to play this game and also the game Themselves puts an disclaimer for people that are under 18 so it should be pretty obvious by now.

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Driving and owning a car in this game is just one another level of flex that  you get after sometime you choose different weapons too while in car so you can shoot people and gain those police stars.

I personally had an AUDI which was quite a fun to drive and I bought my self by doing side quests and you can get it for yourself by doing the same!

GTA 5 Pc system requirement 2

Oh did I mentioned that you can fly jets?? Yes you can it’s pretty fun and exciting to do that , the jets in GTA V have some another level of speed and have some better visual than GTA IV it’s definitely an upgrade and got to give an thumbs up to Rockstar for this!

What’s bad in GTA 5

There are a lot of crashes, the game stops working for no-reason at all even if you have a good pc, Lag it have lag at some point when it stop rendering the chunks, Online bullying, The server in GTA is full of bullies from all across the world so it’s an huge problem about it.


GTA 5 overall is not bad and we will give it a 8/10 on game rating which is not bad but not that good too we are hoping good things coming from GTA 6.


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