GTA vice city System Requirements

Last updated on March 10th, 2021 at 08:40 am

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Detailed info. about the game

GTA Vice city is one of the part of the  game GTA, It was launched in 2012 and quickly became one of the most played games with a huge Fan base!

GTA vice city as like other part of GTA is owned by Rockstar games, all-though there is GTA V already out but GTA vice city have it’s own vibes and fun there are many reason to still try that game in 2021.

Gta Vice City

Popularity of Gta Vice city

GTA Vice city can be classified as the best title that has been launched by Rockstar games ever!
This maybe the bold statement but it’s the complete truth and facts, The game that is launched on 2012 have sold over 17.5 million copies!
The game is this popular that almost every single gamer on this world knows about this game, people still do it’s speed runs and post videos on it which are quite fun to watch. Some outside developers still works on this game and make mods and sell them or just publish them for free.

More about the game mods

GTA vice city System Requirements 4

The fact that unofficial developers still makes mods for this game makes it more fun, these mods usually includes the change in texture and skins or maybe adding some movie or comic character in the game. Most of these mods are free and can be downloaded without paying anything but some can be virus so, we don’t recommend you to use any mods until and unless you are totally protected and safe.

Why you should still play gta vice city in 2021

GTA vice city System Requirements 4

GTA vice city is always fun to play in any years and it will be like that forever, there are so many reasons to still play this game in 2021 it’s all because of the nostalgic feeling that this game gives to us almost everyone have played this game in their childhood and who don’t like to remember or feel their childhood back or at-least feel how they used to feel when they played this game back in their days, this game have the settings that none other game had in 2012!

The timing of the release of this game was almost perfect it launched when people were expecting it and it was just one of it’s kind no body had seen a game like this ever before the drastic change and everything just turned out to be really good and fan favorite that the game quickly climbed the charts of the billboard of gaming industry!

The missions on this game were also fun to do and exciting to play all-though they were somewhat hard like that bomb mission which gave everyone a headache to complete but it was all the part of fun and part of the story line!

Mobile release of this game

The mobile release of this game was just as successful as the pc version of this game!
The mobile gaming community were really happy and glad to have this game on mobile and everyone started playing this game and the game quickly became the top of the chart of game on Play-Store Top paid games of all times altho people didn’t bought the game from Play-Store instead they just downloaded it from open source.

New part of gta?

GTA VI is really in hot topics nowadays but there isn’t any official announcement about it from any official source as of now, but everyone is looking forward to it cause there were some leaked images of this game which was really amazing and showed how amazing it is going to be.
We all can just wait for the game to release and once the game will be out we will be posting content related to it on this website

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