Guardian Chronicle: How to get Free Rubies + Bonus

How to get free rubies in Guardian Chronicle

Guardian chronicle is an open-world MMORPG-type steam game. It was published by Line Games . You can control your own sets of guardians. You can beat your opponent, with your guardians by presenting different skills and strategies.

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Here is a full set of coupon codes for free rubies:


Additional Codes:

  • starter’s pack – use hack kbHKZfMPI
  • rank up – enter pass jV6c31bQk
  • points – imKskY01E
  • gold – af7PX5Yt4
  • booster pack – ZejhIcEfU
  • rubies – iprUwRUqf
  • Month Card x1 – Z2n9bKV8l
  • upgrade – 2QPgv7VL3
  • daily gift bag x10 – fU1TraHSY
  • secret combination code – R0ccWXFHd
  • draw x10 – K7c3x0SEW
  • medals – ksY4qVIpK
  • legendary hero – 6q0YjZoKI
  • weekly box – u07jlcFYD
  • soul powder – ZE93ip03p
  • soul stone – SQkuwzoWg
  • battle pass – ZCirN7OJk

In order to activate them, you need to go to the options in-game. Go to the “Other” tab and click “enter coupon”.

A link in the browser opens where you need to enter your player tag. You can find it in the first game options tab.
After that just enter the coupon codes and activate them one after another.

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