Hijack Target Locations to unlock parts in Borderlands-3

Last updated on August 26th, 2020 at 01:14 pm

In this article you will find the ways to Hijack target locations in Borderlands-3 for unlocking vehicle parts. There are total 10 unique parts that you have to get for vehicles by targeting these locations. These 10 will not be the part of Hijacking, but some could be the missions.
You cannot miss any one and you can get them at any point during the game. There is a trophy called “Mechani-Cool” will be given to such player who will unlock 10 vehicle parts. There is an achievement on which this trophy is awarded to only those who unlock all the 10 vehicle parts.
In the following video, find the vehicle parts on the given timeline. You can pause/play to analyze the vehicle parts. But the video will not show all the vehicle parts. It will only show that comes from Hijack targets.
Timeline where you can find vehicle parts

  • [0:01] Outrunner’s Heavy Armor (Pandora // Ascension Bluff)
  • [0:51] Technical’s Spike Wheels (Pandora // Devil’s Razor)
  • [1:59] Outrunner’s Zip Wheels (Pandora // Devil’s Razor)
  • [2:54] Technical’s Tire Launcher (Pandora // The Splinterlands)
  • [4:02] Technical Sticky Mines (Promethea // Meridian Outskirts)
  • [5:11] Cyclone Sonic Booster (Promethea // Meridian Metroplex)
  • [6:28] Outrunner’s Razor Wings (Eden-6 // Floodmoor Basin)
  • [7:28] Cyclone’s Wide Wheel (Eden-6 // Floodmoor Basin)
  • [8:26] Cyclone’s Digithruster (Nekrotafeyo // Desolation’s Edge)
  • [9:16] Outrunner’s Energy Cell (Nekrotafeyo // Desolation’s Edge)

Here is the link of video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4y7VMl3_T4

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