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Hitman Sniper Mobile: Body Disposals, Kill Jaroslav [Solved]

Last updated on October 23rd, 2022 at 08:48 pm

Hitman Sniper Mobile: Body Disposals, Kill Jaroslav [Solved]


How to complete Hitman Sniper Mission 3 Chapter 1

Step 1: Get a good look at your location.

Taking a good look before start shooting those guards down will help you pretty well throughout the game. It will help you understand the enemy positioning and all the items and different ways you can use them to kill them.

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Step 2: Read your objectives.

Reading objectives will help you in knowing what you have to do in this mission. As for Hitman Sniper Mission 3 Chapter 1, it should show that you need to Dispose of three bodies and Kill the main character which is Jaroslav.

Step 3: Kill the guy on the extreme bottom right.

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Step 4: Kill the guard at the left side swimming pool guard.

After killing the guard on the extreme bottom side guard, move your ADS to the middle left part, there you will find a swimming pool. Near the swimming pool, there will be a guard standing.

Step 5: Kill the guard on RoofTop.

By this part, you should get your ability of that gun icon recovered. You will need to use it in this part.

After killing the guard at the swimming pool, quickly move your ADS to the rooftop and use your ability. Let the guard reach near the chimney. Once he is there, take a headshot on him, which will make him fall into that chimney and get disposed of in it.

Once you kill this guard, you would’ve completed the first task of three-body disposal completed. Congrats!

Step 6: Killing Jaroslav.

Try not to miss the bullet, or else the mission can get ruined. Once you shoot your bullet, Hitman Sniper Mission 3 Chapter 1 will be completed!

Pro Tips

Pro tip 1: Stay calm.

Staying calm and not rushing will help you in decreasing the chances of missing your headshots.

Pro tip 2: Be precious.

Think before you shoot. If you miss your shots, then it can ruin the whole Hitman Sniper Mission 3 Chapter 1 or can lead to fewer points and cash given at the end of the match.


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