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More about Horizon zero dawn

Horizon zero dawn

Horizon zero dawn is a game based on a hunter who is trying to find many secrets about the world where there are many Artificial machine like animals and enemies.

Launched in 2017 for consoles, Horizon zero dawn is a role playing game that was developed by Guerilla-games and published by Sony interactive entertainment 

The game is really great and it’s graphics are also top notch which makes it even more fun to play.
The storyline itself is really great  and unique and the game is quite fast paced at some places which makes it more exciting to play.

We are gonna talk more about the game in this blog so stay with us and keep reading.


enemys horizon zero dawn

The enemies in this game are mostly a artificial Intelligence made anime looking like structure, there are some humans to as your enemies but they are in later levels when you reach the hard part of the game.

These A.I enemies mostly works like a real life animal and it almost feels like they are real even though they are machines who are being controlled by some programmed stuff. The main character have to kill them in order to reach the other levels.

There are many different type of these type of enemies in the game probably more than 50 kinds which makes it interesting to kill them every-time!

How to kill these animals or enemies

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These animals have a certain week point if you hit them it will dealt them more and more damage which will reduce their health by a large margin.
You can know what their week point is by just seeing their body but look out they are clever too and only shows these week point for a certain that’s why it’s pretty hard to kill them and you also need to aim properly in order kill them.

These week point, you can find them easily cause they are really different than the rest of their body like if the body is of black color then the week point will be of neon or color that can be easily stand out.

Mind control

Mind control

After a while in the game when you have cleared some of the important mission the main character will unlock an skill which will help you control the mind of other animals and help you tame them.

This is one of the most interesting thing about the whole game which is why it is mostly popular cause of the things you can do in it, The physics and the way the game is developed just makes it so much fun and interesting and on top of that the graphics that you get. Even in 2021 it is still one of the most top rated games out there and one of the best in its kind (action-role playing)

We would definitely sugest this game to you and will rate it a solid 9 out off 10 overall!

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