House Party – All Locations To Find Items

House Party is a comedy, adventure video game developed and published by American Studio Eek games only for Windows in 2017. The players overwhelmed this game as they bought 30,000 copies in just first weeks of releasing. The total copies sold during first year was 300,000. This article will guide the House Party players that where they can find items in the house.

Here is the list of items found in the different portions of the House:


  • There is a Spoon on Microwave oven.
  • Use ‘Ctrl’ to move stuff with the hand.
  • Mixed Cream in fridge.
  • Bath keys by sink.
  • Kinds of sausages available in Fridge.
  • Coffee, soft drinks and Soda is also in the fridge.


  • “Natural Light beer” on shelf.
  • Jammer for cell phones is available on workbench.

Living Room

  • Living room is also declared as dance floor.
  • Here, bear is placed behind the speaker.
  • Mysterious keys placed on Mantle; which leads to master bedroom.


  • Nothing is placed outside of house.

Living Room with TV

  • Natty Lite (Natural Light Beer) available besides the Chair or Window.

Frank Room

  • Thermos of Rachel’s.
  • Beer Bottles.
  • Empty Vodka bottles.

Downstairs Bathroom

  • Beneath the stairs, there is a bathroom containing ‘Towel’ in it.

Bathroom in the Master Bedroom

  • Sink has a Cell phone on it.
  • Behind the door side, there are pain killers tying with the door.

Wardrobe in Master Bedroom

  • Eye drops and Camera on the upper side of shelf.
  • Personal Diary in the safe.

Laundry Room

  • When you will enter, you will find wine on the shelf of the right side cupboard.

Bathroom Upstairs

  • The bathroom located at the upstairs have ‘Natty Lite’, and is placed behind the basket.

Computer Room

  • Computer room containing USB drive on safe.
  • Paper and SD Card at the desk.

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