How to always win as an imposter in Among Us (9 Steps)

Among us is one of the most anticipated game of 2020. It was developed by innersloth INC

Although it was released back in 2018 it gained popularity and attraction in 2020 due to pandemic and twitch streamer it became a viral game. Currently it’s #1 ranked in both Google play store and Apple app store.

how to play among us

In this article, we will give you tips on how to always win as an imposter in Among us


  1. Pretend to do tasks.
  2. Sabotage whenever possible.
  3. Whenever several people are near to each other take advantage to kill.
  4. Act clueless so nobody will suspect you.
  5. Close doors for privacy.
  6. Use vents for the quick gateway, make sure nobody sees you while using it.
  7. Agree with others to vote someone out
  8. Create an alibi to gain trust and prove your innocence.
  9. When only 2 crewmates remain, you only need to eliminate one more, to win.


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