How to Assault Someone in BitLife in 2 Simple Steps: Full Guide

How to Assault Someone in BitLife in 2 Simple Steps: Full Guide

How to Assault Someone in BitLife
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The developers at Bitlife pride themselves on introducing new challenges and activities in the game that keep players interested in the game. 

Just recently the people at BitLife came up with the Euphoria challenge which entailed replicating the chaotic ending of the season finale by having each character assault their best friend. 

Which makes learning how to assault someone in BitLife something every player should know how to do if they want to earn all the perks that come with completing this challenge. 

Unfortunately, BitLife only allows you to get into fights with either your siblings or best friend, so those are the people you’ll have to target if you’re looking to assault someone. 

How to Assault Someone in BitLife

1.  Get into an Argument with Your Sibling or Best Friend

Working your sibling over is by far the easiest option you could take if you’re looking for someone to assault. However, if you are in the middle of a challenge like the euphoria challenge then you’ll have to pick a fight with your best friend. 

To assault your best friend you need to have a best friend, so we suggest you get on that as soon as possible. Send them gifts, and congratulatory messages until your relationship reaches the 90-100 level. 

You then need to start an argument with either your friend or your sibling by going into the conversations tab. Continue talking with them until the conversation gets heated. 

2.  Attack them as Soon as you Get into a Disagreement

How to Assault Someone in BitLife
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The only way you can attack your friend or sibling is to keep arguing with them until the prompt to attack them finally shows up. 

Now, at this point players have to be really patient because the prompt sometimes does not show up right away and they have to keep the conversation going for as long as they can while staying relatively aggressive. 

Sooner rather than later the option to attack them should show up where players would then have to choose which body part they want to attack and whether to punch or kick them. 


I would again like to reiterate how important it is to keep your head if the conversation is going too long and stay patient enough to wait for a disagreement to occur. 

You may even have to engage in multiple conversations for the prompt to appear so make sure you stay vigilant on that as well. 

Also be wary of the fact that you can even accidentally kill your sibling or best friend if you try to attack their more vulnerable body parts, so that’s another choice for you to make. 

Nevertheless, that was our guide on how to assault someone in BitLife that we hope provided all the answers you needed. 

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