How to Be a Housekeeper in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Detailed Guide

How to Be a Housekeeper in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Detailed Guide

How to Be a Housekeeper in BitLife
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As a job that doesn’t offer any promotions and is pretty low on the pay scale, being a housekeeper isn’t on the agenda for most BitLife players. 

However, with the emergence of the Sinderella challenge that has being a housekeeper as a necessary requirement, players have suddenly developed an interest in learning how to be a housekeeper in BitLife. 

The job itself is obviously not a difficult one to attain. And it doesn’t really require any education or previous experience either, which means all you need to learn is how you can find and apply for the job. 

Thankfully for you, we’ve come up with a guide that explains just that in the paragraphs below. 

How to Be a Housekeeper in BitLife

1.  Keep your Stats in Check and Age up Until you Turn 18

Now obviously because you don’t require any specific education for the job, keeping your stats up is not a requirement. 

However, we’d still suggest visiting the mind and body section from time to time and brushing up on your reading and exercising skills in the library and gym. 

As they’ll help you keep your stats up to the point that you become an automatic choice for the job when you apply. 

Other than that, there’s not much you need to do, just keep aging up until you reach the age of 18 and start applying. 

2.  Look for the Job in the Full Time Listings

Now, to apply for a job there’s a specific process you need to follow and for those of you who are new to BitLife, you’ll need to pay close attention. 

Firstly, you’ll have to head into the occupations tab and find the full time listings. Head into these listings and you’ll find the housekeeper job. 

Beware though, that you might have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list as the job itself is pretty low on the pay scale. 

3.  Ace the Interview and Keep Working Until you Finish it

How to Be a Housekeeper in BitLife
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All that’s left at this point is to apply for the job and ace the interview to get the final call up. Fortunately for players, the housekeeper job has a fixed time limit at which point the game asks you if you want to continue. 

If you were opting for the job to complete the sinderella challenge then you can rest easy as that specific task gets completed as soon as you’re selected for the housekeeping job. 

Thus, players can just opt out of the job at that point, because let’s be real, the job has no perks at all. 

Wrapping Up

And there it is folks, that was our guide on how to be a housekeeper in BitLife and get one step closer to completing the Sinderella challenge

The guide itself is pretty self explanatory and should get you to the job in a pretty linear manner. 

If you decide to keep at the job though you can, and you’ll eventually get some raises that increase your income by a little bit. 

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