How to Become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Detailed Guide

How to Become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Detailed Guide

How to Become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife
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The top of the mountain in terms of high pressure careers has to be becoming a brain surgeon. In the real world, only the most talented and skillful under pressure are capable enough of becoming a surgeon. 

Fortunately for all us players though, the requirements aren’t so stern when it comes to being a brain surgeon in Bitlife. 

However, learning how to become a surgeon in BitLife is still not an easy process and will require a bit of toil from your end as we take you through all the steps you need to take to achieve your goal. 

Higher education is a must for this job and the basic requirement for higher education and the job itself is high stats, particularly your character’s smarts. 

Now that we’ve briefed you on what to expect, let’s get straight into how you’ll have to go about it. 

How to Become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife

1.  Keep your Smarts up and Graduate College with Biology as your Major

We’ve already explained how smarts are important if you’re opting for jobs that come after some higher education. 

What we’ll get into now is how to keep your smarts up consistently. A character’s stats are given a random value when they’re first born, meaning you can influence your character’s smarts stats by rerolling or recreating your character until he/she is born with more than 80 in the smarts department. 

You can also further increase your smarts by heading to the mind and body section and  engaging in activities like visiting the library, studying hard in school, reading books and watching documentaries. Just remember to be consistent and work hard on your smarts every year. 

With that said, it is also extremely necessary that you enroll in college with either Biology or Chemistry as your major as soon as you turn 18 in the game.

2.  Enroll and Graduate Medical School

Medical school is the next step once you’re out of college. Medical school itself is pretty expensive regardless of where you’re going to study. 

Which is why we’ve been so intent on ensuring that you keep your smarts up to this point, as they can set you up for a scholarship that could greatly reduce the total fees. 

Now, there is a chance that if you take a loan to go into medical school, you pay it off pretty quickly once you become a doctor but why take that risk if you can get a scholarship that easily. 

Regardless of your approach, one thing is certain, you do need to graduate medical school to have a shot at becoming a brain surgeon. 

3.  Earn Promotions to get to the Brain Surgeon Job

How to Become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife
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Fresh out of medical school, every player can start applying for doctor jobs in the full time listing in the occupations tab. 

At first, the only job that can get you to the brain surgeon level is the family physician job, which doesn’t pay that well initially. 

But if you work hard enough, in a few months or max a year, you should start getting promoted. It’s only a 2-3 year journey after that to finally achieve your dream of becoming a brain surgeon. 

Wrapping up

Yes, it takes a lot to become a brain surgeon in BitLife, but in our mind, it should take that long because a profession as a brain surgeon takes plenty of skill and determination under pressure. 

Now, the developers at Bitlife can’t exactly make you toil because all you’ll have to do is click a bunch of buttons, but they can make the entire process long and tiring so that players understand the importance of the profession. 

Regardless of their reasons though, the article above covers their entire long winded process on how to become a brain surgeon in BitLife. Hopefully you do get there at some point and achieve your dream job. See you in the next one!

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