How to Become a Dentist in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Comprehensive Guide

How to Become a Dentist in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Comprehensive Guide

How to Become a Dentist in BitLife
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Dentistry is a profession that’s pretty well respected in the real world. And it turns out it’s just as respected in the digital world of BitLife especially when you consider the starting pay of an inexperienced dentist

Thus, if you have a passion for it or if you just want to earn as much money as you can, learning how to become a dentist could be the way to go. 

However, the journey to getting there is not at all easy and will require a lot of hard work from your character and you. 

You’ll have to absorb a mountain of education and keep your smarts up in the meantime. So, keeping that in mind, let’s get into our guide on how to become a dentist in BItLife. 

How to Become a Dentist in BitLife

1.  Keep your Smarts up and Graduate College With Biology or Chemistry as your Major

As soon as your character turns 6 in the game, the mind and body section in the activities tab should open up to you. From that section you need to choose activities that’ll increase your smarts beyond that of a normal character. 

These activities could be going to the library, reading books and watching documentaries. Even in school you need to press the study hard option as much as possible. 

The goal should be to take your smarts to 100. Next step is to go for college as soon as you turn 18 while choosing biology or chemistry as your major. 

You can opt for a scholarship if your stats are high enough or just take out a loan that you’ll pay later when you’re successful. 

2.  Enroll and Finish Dental School

How to Become a Dentist in Bitlife
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Higher education is a must for any of these incredibly high paying jobs. And the higher education required for the dentist profession is obviously going to be dental school. 

Much like real life, the only way you can opt for a job as a dentist is to enroll and finish dental school. 

Once again, you can use your high smarts to get a scholarship or borrow money from a bank or your parents which you’ll pay back when you get your first job. 

3.  Find the Dental Listing and Become a Dentist

Last but not least, you’ll have to find the dentist job in the listings in the occupations section. 

There could be a chance that the job doesn’t show up. If that is indeed the case, just restart your game and look again and you should be able to find it. 

Final Thoughts

And that is all you have to do to earn one of the most lucrative jobs in the famous life simulator game. Hopefully, all of our instructions in this guide on how to become a dentist in BitLife were easy enough to understand and apply. 

We also hope that at least half of you who are visiting this article have already achieved your dream of becoming a dentist in BitLife. 

This is not the end of the road for your character though as you can still work hard and get promoted further which would obviously also increase your pay. 


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