How to Become a Famous Reporter in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Full Guide

How to Become a Famous Reporter in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Full Guide

How to Become a Famous Reporter in BitLife
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Journalism is a pretty cut throat business that only the people with a strong will get to have successful careers in. However, in BitLife, becoming a reporter, even a famous one, is pretty cut and dry and one that can be attained by following a single linear path. 

Thus, learning how to become a famous reporter in Bitlife is something that’s within every player’s reach. But, that’s not to say that earning fame as a reporter is easy. 

Quite the contrary actually, there’re plenty of people that actually fail earning fame as a reporter because they don’t know the actual path. 

Well, to solve that, we’ve come up with our guide that should provide you with a straight shot path to earning fame as a reporter. 

How to Become a Famous Reporter in BitLife

1.  Keep your Smarts High and Graduate High School

Like all jobs that require higher education, in order to become a famous reporter, players must keep the stats of their characters up, specifically their smarts. 

Now, the first way to do that is by ensuring that your character is born with high smarts to begin with by rerolling as many times as you can until his/her smarts are more than 80. 

You could also enter the mind and body section and engage in activities that increase your smarts further like going to the library, reading books, watching documentaries and studying hard in school. 

The only other thing you need to do at this point is to enroll and graduate high school when you turn 18. 

2.  Enroll and Graduate College with Journalism as your Major

Once you’re out of high school you can look towards your other venture, that’s getting into a good college. 

Now, if you’ve listened to our advice and kept your smarts up to this point, then you should be able to get a scholarship when you enroll which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Otherwise, you might have to take a loan or ask for money from your parents. Nevertheless, just remember to keep journalism as your major when you enroll. 

3.  Find the Jr. Journalist Job in the Full Time Job Listings

Now that you’ve graduated college, there’s only one step left for you to take and that’s to find the journalist job itself. Now, unfortunately, you can only opt for the Jr. Journalist job at this point and work your way upwards by getting promotions. 

So, head into the full time listings in the occupations tab and start looking for the job. You should find it somewhere in the middle of the list. Now, just ace the interview or age up and try again, and you should get the job. 

From that point on the fame bar should appear at the top of your screen which you can increase by attending talk shows, podcasts and starring in commercials. 


The journalist job is one of the more high paying jobs in BitLife’s virtual world, even before the fame bar pops up. Thus, for the players who have a passion for reporting or the confidence of standing in front of a camera and speaking, this job may just be perfect. 

Nevertheless, that was our guide on how to become a famous reporter in BitLife and gain all the glory that comes with it. 

Now, increasing your annual income and bonuses is something that’s solely under your control as you can choose to increase or decrease your fame which will eventually affect your pay. 

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