How to Become a Kpop Idol in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Full Guide

How to Become a Kpop Idol in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Full Guide

How to Become a Kpop Idol in BitLife

BitLife has long been hailed as one of the best life simulator games to ever exist, mostly because of the variety of careers that players can opt for in the game. 

Famous actors and singers do exist in the game but learning how to become a Kpop idol in BitLife is truly special for the players who have idolized the band for some time now. 

The only difference between a Kpop idol and your standard famous singer is that your character has to be born in South Korea. 

And we’ll teach you how to do that as well in addition to a full guide on how to make your character into a famous singer. So, now that we’ve briefed on what’s about to happen, let’s get straight into it. 

How to Become a Kpop Idol in BitLife

1.  Reroll until your Character is Born in South Korea and Take Voice Lessons

As we’ve explained already, the one thing you’ll have to do when creating your character is make sure he/she is born in South Korea because that’s where Kpop was born. 

Now, you might have to reroll a few times to make sure you’ve got everything right which will take a little bit of patience. 

Now, the next step is to start taking voice lessons as soon as possible. At the age of 8 the mind and body section of the game will open up to you and after taking permission from your parents you can enter this section and start opting for voice lessons

Keep taking these lessons every year until your turn 18 and you’ll eventually achieve mastery (the bar will be 80-90% full) in that skill. 

2.  Graduate High School and Turn 18

Unfortunately no job in the jobs tab opens up to character until they turn 18 years of age. Now, you could just keep running out the years and aging your character up till he/she turns 18 but a better way would be to enroll in high school and join the school band or something. 

Joining the band or being a vocalist in school could increase your chances of acing the audition and getting a better paying singing contract very early on. 

3.  Look for the Singer Job in the Special Jobs Tab

How to Become a Kpop Idol in BitLife

Once your character turns 18, they now become eligible to hold a full time job in the game. Now, unlike standard jobs that can be found in the full time job listings, you will need to head over to the special careers tab and choose the musician option. In that section, you’ll have to decide if you want to join a band as a singer or musician, or if you want to be a solo artist. 

Choosing the solo artist option is the only way to become a Kpop idol, so there’s not much of a choice there. 

Opting for the option will result in your getting called up for multiple auditions and finally getting a gig as a singer. At that point, you will be branded by the game as a Kpop idol. 


And that was our entire roadmap on how to become a Kpop idol in BitLife. There’s also a challenge related to becoming a Kpop idol known as the Kpop challenge in BitLife. 

In fact, becoming a Kpop idol is actually one of the tasks that make up the challenge, so you’ll automatically get one step closer to completing the challenge once you finally realize your dream of becoming a Kpop idol. 

We also understand that though it was not our intention, most of you visited this article trying to complete the challenge itself and don’t care about the job too much. 

But trust us when we tell you this job is totally worth it as depending on the amount of fame you can gain in the game, you can even get married into royalty!

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