How to Become a Pornstar in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Detailed Guide

How to Become a Pornstar in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Detailed Guide

How to Become a Pornstar in BitLife
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Hey, we’re not here to judge, and every individual is entitled to make his/her own decision anyway. In fact, Bitlife as a game was made for players who aren’t afraid to take on the more unusual career paths. 

Thus, learning how to become a pornstar in BitLife is completely up to you and it’s our job to provide you with a roadmap on how to get there. 

A job as a pornstar also pays relatively well. It’s not obviously as high paying as a doctor or lawyer, but you should be able to make ends meet in the game until you hone some of your other skills. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into the guide. 

How to Become a Pornstar in BitLife

1.  Age up Until you Turn 18

Fortunately for you, you won’t have to waste your time in getting a formal education as the pornstar job has no requirements when it comes to education or past experience. 

You should focus on keeping your looks up by going to the gym, salon, spa etc., because high looks will help you ace the interview. 

Other than that all you need to do is keep aging up until you turn 18 and the occupations tab opens up to you. 

2.  Go for the Porn Writer Job

Unfortunately, the only porn related job that opens up on the job boards initially is that of a porn writer, which pays pretty little actually. 

However, that is the job you will need to opt for if you plan on eventually becoming a porn star. For that you need to head into the occupations tab and go into the full time listings

There you’ll find the porn writer job pretty low down on the list. Select the job, ace the interview and you should be getting the call from your employer pretty quickly. 

3.  Get Promoted to Porn Star

How to Become a Pornstar in BitLife
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The hard work, as they say, starts now as you need to work hard each year in order to get a promotion to a cameraman, porn director and finally attain the rank of pornstar after you’ve starred in and directed multiple porn movies. 

Final Thoughts

And that’s all there is to it folks. That’s all you need to learn on how to become a pornstar in BitLife. Now, make sure you follow all our directions to the T because the job may escape you if you don’t. 

Also, if the job doesn’t show up in the full time job listings initially, make sure you close the tab and age yourself up one year and check the listings again because it should show up by then. 

The porn star job itself, after the promotions, is a pretty lucrative job on its own as it pays substantially better than about 50% of the other jobs available if you’ve the stomach for it. 

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