How to Become a Vet in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Full Guide

How to Become a Vet in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Full Guide

How to Become a Vet in BitLife
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In BitLife, the job of a vet is no less than that of a doctor. Which is why players who are aspiring to become vets in the game have to go through just as many stages of education as doctors do. 

Now, we know at the beginning this may sound like a daunting task but with the help of our guide on how to become a vet in BitLife, and a bit of effort on your part, earning the job can really be made easy. 

And if you really are as passionate as you seem about helping and nurturing animals back to health, you should be willing to put in the effort. 

But we’ve rambled on long enough, let’s just jump into the article and see where it goes from there.  

How to Become a Vet in BitLife

1.  Create a Character with High Smarts and Graduate University

The key for every job in BitLife that requires higher education is to create a character that has high smarts right from the get go. On top of that, you’ll also have to keep increasing his/her smarts as you progress through the years of their life. 

To create a character with high smarts you might have to keep rerolling until you end up with one that has at least 80. 

To work on them further, you’ll have to enter the mind and body section in the activities tab once you’re of age and opt for activities like going to the library, reading books and watching documentaries. The next step now is to enroll in university once you’re 18 years old. 

You’ll also have to carefully choose your major as Biology and study it for the next 4 years while simultaneously increasing your smarts. 

2.  Enroll in and Graduate Veterinarian School



As soon as you’re out of university with a bachelor’s degree in biology, you’ll have to opt for higher education in a veterinarian school. 

Now, this could cost a lot in terms of admission fees and yearly fees. However, if you’ve kept your smarts up to this point, you should get a scholarship that’ll effectively eliminate your worry about arranging the funds. 

But in case you don’t have them high enough, you can even take out a loan or take money from your parents to fund your education. 

3.  Find the Junior Vet Job in the Full Time Listings 

How to Become a Vet in BitLife
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After graduating vet school you now have all the necessary qualifications to become a vet, or at least junior vet as described in the job listings. 

The only thing for you to do now is to head to the full time listings in the jobs tab and select the Junior vet position and just work your way up until you become a full fledged veterinarian. 

Final Thoughts

Now you could argue that becoming a vet shouldn’t take as long as becoming a doctor, at least not in the game. 

But hey, we don’t make the rules, the game developers do and our job is to take you through the entire process on how to become a vet in BitLife that the developers have set up. 

But you’ll still have to agree that a career as a vet, whether it’s in BitLife or real life, is a real fulfilling one and one that really tells you the value of animals in the world. 

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