How to Become Famous in BitLife in 3 Ways: Detailed Guide

How to Become Famous in BitLife in 3 Ways: Detailed Guide

How to Get Famous in BitLife
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BitLife as a life simulation game aims to try and include as many career paths as they can and gives players the freedom to opt for any career they wish. 

In a game like that, there will naturally be people who try to find the path to fame and glory, especially those people who had their dream crushed in real life. 

Thus, we’ve come up with this guide on how to become famous in BitLife, to give those players a clear road map containing the steps they’ll need to take if they really are serious about reaching their goal of becoming famous. 

Now, there are a few routes you could take to achieve fame in the game, some more easier than others. But regardless of difficulty, we’ve mentioned them all in our guide down below. So, without wasting any more time let’s get straight into it. 

How to Become Famous in BitLife

1.  Become a Famous Writer, Singer or Actor

The most popular method, among players, of achieving fame in BitLife is by becoming a famous rapper, movie star or writer. 

The reason for that is that it’s a pretty common job that appears most of the time in the jobs tab if you’ve completed the prerequisites. 

Speaking of the prerequisites, they’re quite simple. As soon as your character turns 8 in the game, the mind and body section of the activities tab should open up to you. 

Once that opens up, aspiring singers can take voice lessons until they reach mastery and budding actors can take acting lessons until they master the art and then opt for the voice actor job or solo artist job in the jobs tab. 

However, aspiring writers still need to go through the grind of going to university and keep English as their major if they want a writing job to show up in the jobs tab. 

2.  Marry into Royalty

An honestly lucky way of achieving fame in the BitLife world is by marrying into royalty. The reason we call it lucky is because there’s actually no solid way to marry into the family every time, as it’s just an optional storyline that pops up from time to time.

There are obvious actions you could take to improve your chances of dating and then marrying a royal family member like being crazy active on social media, be politically active and earn some prior fame by becoming an actor, singer or writer. But even then, a positive result is not always a guarantee. 

3.  Become an influencer on Social Media

How to Become Famous in BitLife
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A road that’s pretty less traveled when it comes to becoming famous in BitLife is becoming an influencer on social media. 

Probably because it requires players to post excessively on social media which some people just don’t have the time for in real life, let alone in a simulation game. 

However, if there are some of you who want to choose that career path, then all you need to do is pick a platform from Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter and start posting regularly. 

Posts go viral without any rhyme or reason in the game as well meaning you just need to post as much as possible about random things. Once you reach about 300,000+ followers, the fame tag will be given to you. 

Wrapping Up

Wanting to be famous and rich is all well and good, but like this article states, you also need to be proactive and go through a lot of toil to earn the fame tag on your name. 

However, if you follow any of three ways we’ve described above in our how to become famous in BitLife guide, you’re sure to live that good life in the game along with the other perks that come from being famous. 

In our mind, the easiest of these 3 though is definitely the influencer route as all you have to do is post regularly and you’ll eventually get the fame tag next to your name. 

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