How to Become Godfather in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Full Guide

How to Become Godfather in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Full Guide

How to become Godfather in BitLife

BitLife as a game is meant for players who dreamt about doing something unique in their real life even if it was bordering on the immoral and illegal. 

As a game it gives you the platform to live out your dream scenarios and one of those scenarios has to be learning how to become Godfather in BitLife. Joining the mafia in the game is one thing, but moving on to becoming the head of said mafia is an entirely different achievement. 

And luckily for you, in this guide we’ll be providing you the complete roadmap to accomplishing just that. 

Be prepared to sacrifice early on though, as becoming a mafia boss is no easy feat and will require you to make a character that’s tough and can withstand a bit of adversity. 

How to Become Godfather in BitLife

1.  Commit Crimes Early on and Join the Mafia

Joining the mafia itself can be quite tricky if you don’t take action early on in your character’s life. Most of us already know that to join a gang or the mob you’ll have to commit a few crimes to fully grab their attention. 

However, committing those crimes early on, when your character is still under the age of 18 is key if you don’t want to get caught or get any harsh sentences. 

Thus, you should start going for small crimes like shoplifting, robbing cars or houses and pickpocketing as soon as you turn 8 years old in the game. 

Keeping on this crime-filled life will eventually force a mafia family to send you a proposal to join their organization. Only choice left for you to make now is choosing which family to join. 

2.  Commit More Crimes and Donate your Winnings to the Organization

The assignment doesn’t change much even after you’ve joined a mafia family as you still have to commit as many crimes as you can without getting caught. 

The only difference though is that you’ll have to give a portion of your earnings to the family as a donation. 

This’ll lead to an increase in your relationship with the family and especially the boss. Improving your relationship with the boss and other key members of the family is the actual key to gaining promotions and getting to Godfather status.

3.  Accept Promotions till you Reach the Status of Godfather

Now, you’ll have to be extra careful to not approach the boss for a promotion yourself as that could lead them to believe that you’re a snitch or a rat from the feds looking to infiltrate the family and break it down from within. 

Thus, the wise thing to do is to just keep your head down and keep working hard just like you would with any other job and just wait for the promotion to appear. 

In time your fellow mafia members will recognize the effort you’re putting in and rightfully grant you the promotions you need to become the actual Godfather of the family itself. 

Wrapping Up

There is a special condition which when fulfilled makes you eligible to demand a promotion from the boss. 

But that only occurs if your relationship with the boss itself is really strong. And that only happens if you’ve done some extra work for the boss himself, just like in all the other jobs in BitLife. 

Apart from that special condition though, trust us when we tell you asking for a promotion yourself will just get you kicked out from the mafia or, at worse, killed. 

So, just follow the path we’ve laid out, in the guide above, when it comes to how to become Godfather in BitLife and you’ll eventually earn the respect you’re looking for from your peers and your predecessor. 

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