How to Become King of England in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Full Guide

How to Become King of England in BitLife in 3 Simple Steps: Full Guide

How to Become King of England in BitLife
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Ever thought about the changes you would implement if you were ever appointed the king of a major country? Of course you have! 

The thought runs through every individual’s mind at one point in time until you realize that it’s too unrealistic and move on towards your real passion. 

Well, our guide on how to become king of England in BitLife, gives you the chance to rule over your own kingdom in the virtual world and bring about the changes you would like to see. 

And even though the game is based in a world that’s not real, many aspects of it mirror what would happen in the real world, so it’s your best shot at experiencing what it would really be like to rule. 

How to Become King of England in BitLife

1.  Be born as a Male and in the United Kingdom

We shouldn’t have to tell you, but we will, that to become king you must first have a character that’s male. So, make sure that when you create your character, you create a male one. 

Next up, when choosing your birthplace, make sure you choose a city within the United Kingdom, or England, as it greatly increases your chances of one day ruling the country as king. 

Why, you ask? Well that’s simple, because brits want one of their own leading them. 

2.  Marry into the Royal Family

Probably the most difficult job in the entire game is to marry into the royal family. Some individuals have been extremely lucky to find a member of the royal family that they could date in the dating section, on their first try. But this guide doesn’t rely on luck. 

First and foremost, you’ll have to increase your looks and smarts stats to even have a chance. And the way to do that is by heading into the mind and body section in the main menu and engaging in activities like going to the gym, reading books, going to the spa, going to the library and even getting plastic surgery. 

The next agenda on the list is to get a job as a famous actor or singer to increase your level of fame in the world. You could do that by getting voice lessons or acting lessons every year in the mind and body section and applying for the job when you’re 18. 

After accomplishing all that, just head into the dating section on the main menu and you should find a royal family member willing to date and marry you. 

3.  Wait for you Turn or Assassinate the Current King

How to Become King of England in BitLife
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Now that you’re in the royal family, you have a choice to make. Do you want to become king the legitimate way by waiting for your turn in the succession? 

Or if you’re not above scheming your way to the top? If you choose the scheming route, then you can have the current king assassinated without getting caught. 

Just pay close attention to your karma meter and make sure it’s in the positive before you attempt the killing. 

Now, if you were able to marry the princess, after the death of the king, you should be next in line to become the king. However, you might have to carry out multiple assassinations if you’re married to the duchess or countess. 

Wrapping Up

Becoming king is a dirty business in our opinion, because in BitLife you’ll be forced to kill your way to the top, as waiting for the natural succession takes too long. 

But if you aren’t worried about getting your hands dirty and scheming your way to the top then this guide on how to become king of England in BitLife can be your perfect roadmap. 

Just make sure you make some positive changes in policies once you get to that position, regardless of how you get there. 

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